Fire Trestman?

[i]Ok, Reinbold sucks as DC.
Bischoff sucks at coaching special teams.
Marcus Brady is not very good as OC.

Trestman HIRED all of these guys, and refuses to make changes, even when it is clear their crap is not working. Maybe it's time Trestman took his head out of his arse, or was fired![/i]

Not a chance. The guy is a great coach but a poor evaluator of his assistants. This off season Popp better have a long talk with Trestman about his assitants though. Trestman is loyal to a fault but Popp is pretty much the opposite and while I dont expect them to badmouth Reinbold and Bischoff to the media (as much as they deserve it) neither should be back in those positions next year though Id gladly keep Bischoff as a RB coach.

Trestman is also a good coach to have for a rebuild period because he is very much a teacher and a role model for the players so he can help them improve a lot by keeping them within a system that they can succeed under even while rebuilding

Johnny AI,

Fire Reinebold, fire Bischoff, and now fire Trestman, yikes! You’re missing Popp and Wettenhall. Oh wait, you can’t fire Wettenhall cause he’s the owner.

I’m sure glad you’re not my boss :lol: