Fire Tom Higgins!!!!

OK, so our friend Johnny AI has been absent for a while, and a number of us have been looking forward to getting his thoughts on the current Als debacle. I can't fill Johnny's shoes, but I can certainly start the thread many of us wish he had started weeks ago.

So in my new persona as dap AU (disciplineandpunish All-Underline), let me just say:


This superannuated senior citizen Ned Flanders has no clue how to run the team. He just stands there on the sidelines, looking dazed and confused, without any answers. And during interviews, he throws everyone else under the bus -- the quarterbacks, the assistants, and even Jim Popp, his boss! He spent the last six years being the head of officiating, which apparently drained his brain of any coaching ability and left him a vacuous shell. He was hired because he looked a little like Marc Trestman, which is kind of like hiring a coach because he uses the same toothpaste as your previous coach. He fired his own OC in training camp for being a bigot, but hasn't been able to turn the team around at all. As ST coach, he's also been a disaster -- we had another blocked punt last night that was a critical turning point in a game we lost by only eight points. He's not even from an offensive background, so how can he help out Dinwiddie and the rest? He's a figurehead coach who has lost the room.

[u]Higgins has to go!

-Sincerely, dap AU

Sorry, Johnny, I did the best I could... :oops: :wink:

What do they say about "nice" guys ?

That’s one of many differences between Higgins and Trestman. Trestman may have seemed mild-mannered but he was all business when it came to the on-field product. He was meticulous and ruthless about football ops. Higgins’s nice guy act reminds me of that old Simpsons episode in which Flanders becomes the principal of Bart and Lisa’s school and chaos ensues.

I understand the PI is new, but I figured 7 years of Director of officiating he would have a leg up on what to challenge or not challenge. Sadly though, this is not true. I was ready to let him do his thing for the first half of the season. After that "non-challenge" and a play too late, I have zero faith in what this guy brings to the table as a Head coach. If we lose to Ottawa this Friday, I get a feeling that's the end.

Cheers y'all,
Le Chugg.

and it should be.

Should have come this weekend if you ask me.

According to media reports. Wetenhall is satisfied that the team is improving… After this two game stint at home the Als will have 2 remaining home games. So they will give him these two games, after that it will become pretty much moot if the Als lose, the season will be lost and the Als would be sitting in last place with less games to play and the toughest schedule down the stretch. However if they win the next two and they likely are in the post season. Even a split isn’t enough.

Guess Wetenhall is watching a different team out there.

Guys, I know! Fire Higgins and promote Dinwiddie to HC! He's had a handful of games as OC, I think he's ready for the next step. :wink:

This was Mr. Wetenhall`s Jan. statement on the coaching search. I wonder if they would have hired Higgins if they actually interviewed him. Who were the other candidates if any?

And did we hear what his contract length was?

January 19, 2014

MONTREAL - Alouettes owner Bob Wetenhall issued the following statement today, in reference to the Club's decision process in selecting its Head Coach:

"I am currently taking the time necessary to review all the options and opportunities with respect to both the position of Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator of our team for the coming year. We always want these decisions to be informed and well thought out, as they have far-reaching effects on our organization, how we run our franchise and our ability to sustain our on-field success over the long-term."

"My family and I will make this decision, in consultation with our Chairman, and CEO, once we are satisfied that we have identified the best solution for the success of our franchise."

"As always, we are dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to give our team the best possible chance of winning a championship every year. We are doing these evaluations with the many available qualified candidates within a thoughtful and measured timeframe, anticipating an announcement for both positions in the coming weeks. Our fans have been very supportive of our Club and deserve a winning product. We are committed to providing them with nothing less."

La saison est déjà passablement foutue. Alors on congédierait Higgins pour le remplacer par qui, et pourquoi?

Certains parlent de mettre thorpe en charge de l'équipe maintenant, mais je ne vois pas en quoi promouvoir Thorpe maintenant va améliorer l'attaque des Alouettes. Tout au plus, cela rendra la gestion de la défensive plus compliquée. Les Alouettes ont un nouvel entraîneur des receveurs et un nouvel entraîneur des quarts. Mais ils n'ont pas de nouveau livre de jeux et toujours pas de coordonnateur à l'attaque digne de ce nom. Pire, le nouvel entraîneur des quarts est allé dire que le livre de jeux est trop compliqué pour qu'il puisse agir comme coordonnateur. C'est peut-être un prétexte, mais si ce livre de jeux est trop compliqué pour Jeff Garcia, je vois mal comment il va réussir dans ses nouvelles fonctions.

Il est clair que Higgins ne sera plus avec les Alouettes avant 2015. Mais il est clair aussi qu'il n'y a présentement personne qui fera mieux avec cette équipe sous la main non plus. Le problème s'appelle l'attaque, et je soupçonne qu'une pomme pourrie (peut-être 2) a fait basculer le vestiaire offensif de l'équipe. Le congédiement de Higgins ne règlera pas ces problèmes, et je doute qu'il se trouve dans l'équipe quelqu'un qui veuille de ce poste présentement, même pas (et surtout pas) Popp.

Il va falloir faire un trait sur cette saison merdique et demander à Popp de consacrer ses énergies à reconstruire l'attaque, à commencer par les entraîneurs.

Please - Before the onslaught of season ticket holders cancellations…

Yeah, at this point, the bad optics of keeping Higgins on outweigh the risk in firing him. The problem is, Popp is the only viable interim HC available, and I highly doubt he's going to step in and clean up the mess the owners made.

Popp va laisser le candidat des propriétaires s’empêtrer de lui-même, et il va l’appuyer du mieux qu’il peut.

Lorsque Higgins demandera des renforts, de l’aide, Popp lui demandera de lui proposer une solution via ses contacts dans le monde du football. Lorsque Higgins sera incapable d’en apporter, il l’appuiera en travaillant avec ses propres contacts. Les propriétaires ont subi les dommages de mettre Popp comme entraîneur-chef intérimaire l’an dernier, et ils ne veulent pas une répétition de ce qui s’est passé l’hiver dernier.

Je crois que c’est Popp qui a le mandat de trouver le remplaçant de Higgins, mais que Popp ne bougera pas avant la fin de la saison. Un deuxième entraîneur-chef congédié au milieu d’une saison risquerait trop de faire fuir tout candidat d’un certain intérêt.

Sadly, I have to agree with you. I don’t think Popp moves a muscle to step in now, but the second the season ends, Higgins is gone and we can hopefully start a proper search, conducted by our GM, for a real candidate.


Johnny shall return...[/i]

OK. Et on le remplace par qui? Et pourquoi?

Johnny’s back!! :thup: :rockin:

You better check in soon and voice your opinions, friend. You’ve been missed…

Welcome back. . . and thanks a lot for directing us to Senior's Twitter account. . . NOT. . .that's five minutes of my life I'd like back :smiley: :smiley: Man, talk about a broken record.

Anyway as to your new signature, perhaps if you didn't violate forum rules from time to time you wouldn't get banned from time to time. Just a thought.