You have a head coach who does want the job and has the impression changes are not needed. You have a quarter back who does not buy on to the OC plan. You have a bunch of players who are undisciplined and who can not catch, tackle or run pass routes or beat man on man coverage.


You mean your 2 favorite football teams are the Ti-Cats and the Bills? I feel for you man.

You forgot a owner who with no pride!

I'm sure you're wrong about that.

No I'm not because this has been going on for way and I mean way to long. I think Bob should watch the Wizzard of OZ and figure out what the tin man was looking for!!

He needed a lot of oil right as well as a heart, and the Ticats are definitely not a well oiled machine. They should also find what the lion and scarecrow were looking for. Being home hasn't helped them much though!

Your right I for got about brains and courage, some one send Bob a link to the movie he might figure it all out!

The receivers watch the other team catch the ball and the DBs do the same thing.

All the TiLaughs coaching staff and front office have to go and start over. Let the new staff make the player decisions once they've been here. We need people with CFL coaching and front office experience. Ron Lancaster has to be completely out of the TiLaugh organization.

I know it's never a good idea to panic in these situations but I say PANIC damn it, PANIC!!!!!