Fire the D coordinator Thread

OK, just kidding...sort of.
Does this first game display make us appreciate Steinhauer a bit more?
Allowing a career high in passing yards to the ancient one is not great on the resume.
I am going to be like the coaching staff and rewatch the game again. Was it personnel or scheme or both??
If nothing else this puts our D-coach on watch that he and his troops had a historically bad day Sunday, and 2 historically bad days should mean you don't get a chance for a third IMO.

I miss 2013-15 Steinauer, but not so much 2016 Steinauer. In fact, this D looked a lot like last year's D. Stay close to the receiver but don't actually try to make a play on the ball. Tackling actually seemed a bit better to me than last year.

I agree with you about the tackling. Seemed to bring down players when needed but the big area of concern is DB coverage. I know we’re missing three important pieces, but we’ve been missing them since the start of training camp when we brought in a cast of thousands only to end up with what we had last year.
Not good enough talent brought in or inept evaluations of the talent we did bring in.

This is all on Tillman, Austin and Reinbold.

I know they won’t report the status of injuries, but I think in this case we fans deserve to understand the reality of Butler, Kennah and Davis return. Will they absolutely be back prior to the next game? Need to build some fan confidence after this debacle.

There was no defence in this league that was going to stop Ricky Ray yesterday, he was incredible and his receivers made some incredible catches, except those 2 dropped TD's.
A lot of those big plays were from poor coverage on 2nd and long. :frowning:

We needed the offense to generate some drives and some points. I like our D, the tackling did seem better and the penetration was good. We needed to outgun Ray.

No excuse for a 37 year old QB to have his All Time greatest yardage day against you. Is this a sign of things to come? Obviously there was no constructive adjustments made by the D coach at any time during this game and that speaks loudly to me. All i read on our D coach after he was hired was that he never has been a very good D co coordinator anywhere. i placed trust in Austin in knowing what was best. Continuity is what he preached. Lets see if Austin was correct with this hire?