Fire Taman already!

Fire Taman and let Berry go as well. These two gentlemen are not able to lead this team and it is showing week after week. Berry has mishandled his players all season. Taman has not made a good descision in 2 years. We were lucky to get to the Grey Cup last year and we did nothing to improve our chances this year. Time to get rid of these guys and hope for next year!


I agree, it is time to fire Taman, Bauer, Berry, and cartwright. They have done a miserable job. The die hards Bomber fans if instructed by Taman would walk into a pool of hungry sharks. This group of players are pathetic. If the same bunch return next year expect the same results. The reason we have these type of results is due in part to the type of fans we have. I have been to games and heard some fans remark that Taman will turn the team around. He is a god to some. If you read some of the threads, these same fans think he is great. We need a house cleaning. When that happens is anyone's guess. Hopefully by season's end. :cowboy:

Oh shut up people! everytime the Bombers get a loss, its "Fire Taman" or "Fire Berry"

I love how you guys all ran and hid when we won 3 straight, but as soon as a loss pops up, you feel they automatically need to be fired.

They have made key movements, and trades which have been crucial and might even get us into the playoffs. (Playoffs- A word no one thought of when we were 2-8).

We have a good shot at making the playoffs, and once we are in, its a whole new Season.

Yeah, adding insult to injury (when we lose) is totally not about the coaching. pfft.

The team has been horrible all season. Yes we beat hamilton and Toronto but we have a very bad record against teams above .500. We beat Edmonton by a few points and then forgot to show up the next game and got kicked around the field. Yes we will make the playoffs by the ineptness of Toronto and Hamilton.

For those of you who say get off the fire Taman bandwagon. I was a supporter of the management until the last month. Yes Roberts for Smith was an ok trade but we have had a huge problem all season other than our running game. We have no confidence in the kicking game and every kicker is finding it difficult to work with Berry.

The team also is not prepared for games too often. Winnipeg takes too many stupid penelties and is making stupid calls. For instance the 2nd and inches call that led to a interception last week could have been read by a pee wee football team and stoped.

Anyway I bleed Blue and Gold and have since I was 14 years old. Unfortuantly I have moved out of MB and now cant see the Bombers play live very often. GO BOMBERS!

I hate how people only make an account on here to say "fire him, get rid of him", the guys are doing a pretty good job, and you are just assuming that its just the coaches who are doing bad, maybe it is the players who play horribly.

What i have noticed is that everytime we lose, the bombers dont come out playing with intensity , also there are not many big hits, and there weren't many in the beginning of the season and last game, if we play with intensity, make big hits, sack the quarterback, make big plays when it counts, and if we give us fans something to cheer about they should win.


I couldn’t agree more, this team is really lacking a nasty streak, especially on the o-line where the loss of the veteran guards is really showing. But that’s what you get when you have injuries and have to transition to rookies. It all starts with the o-line for the offense, if Glenn doesn’t get the protection the passing game will suffer and obviously the running game won’t be as good either.

And don’t be too hard on the defense, give Ray a short field and he will kill anyone. Plus the field was a swamp, the Bombers were sliding all over the place.

Since the 0 - 4 start, this team is 5 - 5, which isn’t too bad and they have been really good at home of late. Still a very good chance they will host a playoff game and really, what more could you ask for ?

Give me a break. You guys really do like losing. We don't even have a 500 team. I have not jumped on any bandwagon other to see Taman and company shipped out. We have beaten some poor teams and that is it. With only the exception of Calgary. This group of players and coaches, and sad to say are not good enough. It can be only 2 things, Bad coaching, or players are not good enough. This is not rocket science. But for some of you fans you find it difficult to understand. The point being is we need change. This group will not bring us success. As far as a playoff spot is concerned. Do you really think the Bombers should be in the playoffs with their lousy record. This is what makes the league a laughing stock to see a team like Winnipeg, Toronto, or Hamilton securing a playoff spot when they could not even compete with a college football team. Cal had a 9 and 9 team and they canned him. What does Taman have on you guys. CHARM. :cowboy:

The headcoach Doug Berry is not a proper leader by a longshot. He makes stupid decisions like the kicking and quarterback situation for example, he assumes no responsibility for anything when interviewed he will blame everyone but himself he is no more of a leader than his pathetic quarterback is. Taman really needs to go, really what has he done? Joe Smith has not turned the team around not even close, they use a player they ALREADY had, fred reid for their running game who in turn, is a scat back same thing as Roberts which Berry wanted to steer away from and the Zeke Moreno trade was pure nonsense there was nothing wrong with Tom Canada as a player that was a move of pure desperation trying to save his own skin. If the managment had any sense they would make some smart moves for once like trading our struggling quarterback or maybe a kicker who can make field goals from 30 yards.0-3 on field goal attemps in a game COME ON! This is the worst group of management I think many have seen for years and I agree on this one 110%

wow man, you have no points against taman and berry, except they will not assume responsibility (which is true and i beleive he should), also you are blaming doug berry and taman for our kicking?? what for?

they have brought in kickers, they beleive could do something and make kicks, but Serna outperformed them in practise, so what they are just going to throw a guy that is not as good as SERNA go out there in that kind of pressure in a loud, rowdy canad inns stadium and hope he doesnt mess up because if the guy misses he will be scarred for life from the boos? :roll: :roll:

wow man, you have no points against taman and berry, except they will not assume responsibility (which is true and i beleive he should), also you are blaming doug berry and taman for our kicking?? what for?

they have brought in kickers, they beleive could do something and make kicks, but Serna outperformed them in practise, so what they are just going to throw a guy that is not as good as SERNA go out there in that kind of pressure in a loud, rowdy canad inns stadium and hope he doesnt mess up because if the guy misses he will be scarred for life from the boos?

Why isnt Taman looking for a new kicker!? Serna plain out sucks. We have Warren Kean he has never been givin a shot at a real game yet, from what I understand he is better now. Berry has always said Serna has made 9 out of 10 in practice then he blows a game with 0 and 3, what is that!? I cannot count the times he has been quoted saying that, like they said in the sun he is turning out to be one of those guys that can cut it in pratice but not in a real game. Berry complains about him in interviews yet he starts him every game that is plain out stupidity. When the NFL cuts were happening why werent they bringing out any of them? Serna was tanking then and they did nothing and you can't tell me they couldn't find anyone better than Serna. Same thing every post game night,Berry goes on CJOB and complaines about him yet does nothing to fix it. If this isn't a example of poor management I dont know what is.
And our quarter back situation talk about bandwagon jumping, Kevin Glenn wins a couple games against poor teams by a few points and he is a hero. Everyone loves him!? he is not a hero and is forsure not a starter. He cannot lead a team he runs away from the media when he has a bad game. At least when Dinwiddie lost the grey cup he had enough guts to face the music, when he wins a game he shows positive emotion also. Glenn cannot lead his team on the field, cannot handle hurry offensive and takes stupid time count violations and isnt a leader off the field obviously. He should have went a long time ago. But I guess the management is stuck with him after giving him a huge raise, maybe thats why they are sticking with him and not giving more snaps to Dinwiddie or Randall.

Good Grief. Milt for life and Kubie and some other die hards do not understand simple math. We have a bad team with a losing record. We do not deserve to be in playoffs. Our players are no good. Serna as an example. Glenn has been hot and cold. More cold than hot. Coaching is terrible. Taman should be released immediately along with Bauer. Other teams would have made changes at the top. This club is run very badly by Bauer with advice from Asper. The BODs should fire him and throw him on the street or flush him down the toilet. Nothing has been turned around. All that has happened is we played some teams that are just as poor as Bombers. Why are they not looking for a new kicker ?? Taman should be able to find one easily. It just shows what an eye he has for spotting talent.

re; sanjay, bluecrew, housedog

. . .i'm just thowing my weight behind some of your comments. they're always welcome here.

to do what we did in the play-off's last year, the odds are most definitely against us, and the bomber's are holding onto that. I don't want a repeat from last year, it only proves that it was mediocre at best.

The CFL is the only league where a mediocre team can win it all.

Should the 8 - 10 Stamps give back their GC win because they weren't perfect ? How about those 9 - 9 Bombers who won it all back in 1988 ?

As always, it's not about how you start, it's about how you finish. Why not wait for the season to end before firing anybody.

OF COURSE ... LOL .... No posts by the idiot bandwagon jumpers when we win 3 straight, but we lose and they come out of hiding, what a pathetic excuse for TRUE BLUE FANS. I am sick of these people talking all the time like they know what is going on, and who do you think shopuld replace Berry, Taman, Bauer, Cartwright?

We as a team have made great progress over the past few weeks, large part has to due with TAMAN MAKING THE RIGHT MOVES, i believe that if those trades were not made we would still be stuck in the basement, YES, even with the CATS, who are improving as well. Berry and Taman are doing a good job the second half of this year, and you want to get rid of them at this point. That would be a HUGE mistake, what bring in a GM who doesn't make these great moves and we LOSE LOSE LOSE, get real guys and stop hopping off the bandwagon whenever we hit a speed bump.

A great example of midseason moves that have NOT worked as of yet: T.O hiring Matthews (The Best Coach Of All Time) --- Where are they? Fighting for there lives after losing FOUR STRAIGHT, WHILE WE WENT 3-1. Hamilton Firing Taffe, well they impressed me last weekend and have a bright future with Marcel as coach and the New Kid as QB .... BUT, they will still misss the playoffs.

So is it wise to fire Taman and Berry right now? That would be the dumbest move in the world, Berry finally has this team playing good (with the exception of last week) so 3 WINS AND 1 LOSS IN THE LAST FOUR and your calling for there heads again, just because of ONE LOSS, give your head a shake, wake up and stop jumping on and off the wagon man, we win tonight and we make the playoffs and we all know it's a NEW SEASON.

Yup...let's fire Taman...after all, he traded Charlie for Joe Smith...

Oh, and Sanjay, I can do math just fine but just so you understand, the above is sarcasm...


Kubie I beg to differ, but I don't think you can do any math. We beat Hamilton twice and Toronto twice. 4 wins against the bottom cellar teams of the east, and the 2 poorest teams in the league performance wise. Nothing to celebrate. Maybe you can open a bottle of cheap champayne and have a drink with Blue and Gold. You guys can celebrate that we beat a championship team and honour Taman for doing such a great job.'s the only 'math' you need to know...

One more Winnipeg win or one more Toronto loss, and we're in the playoffs, and in the CFL, that's all that matters. Once you're in, you have the same chance as everyone else...

Exactly Kubie ... Firing Taman would be the dumbest move in the world at this point, he has proven time and time again that he is a great GM, getting the right player's all the time and one more win and we are in, great response Kubie.