Fire Taffe

This guy must go! Three bad calls tonight! Wow

I'm glad im not the only one, CHARLIE YOUR FIREEEEED!

well here we go again

3 calls that shouldnt have been made

take me home country roads..

west virginia

you can have em :oops:

Three bad calls. They were the only obvious ones. The fact that Lumsden was not even used until it was too late was the biggest mistake. This coaching staff are a disgrace. What the hell is OB doing?

Its time...and give envelopes to his OC and STC. Can't beleive the man is too lazy to have learned the CFL rulebook...Too busy looking for work this winter...

This guy was a moron last year and should have never been brought back, he is even a bigger moron this year. The guy has no fucking clue whats going on. I will not attend another game until this guy is FIRED.

Can't beleive the man is too lazy to have learned the CFL rulebook...Too busy looking for work this winter...
This one was funny :lol:

Good :x bye Taffe.

I agree, especially on the late 3rd and 1 gamble.

At least if Bob won't fire any of them he should at least stencil a big gold "L" on their foreheads. Actally come to think of it its Bob I am talking about, Just Bedazzle a big "L" on their forehead...any stone combination that makes you happy.

I have been one to give Taffe the benefit of the doubt because last year we had a very inexperienced team and coaching staff.Frankly,I did'nt expect much.This is now his team,and to coin a phrase,he must own his failure!This constant use of the challenge flag to chat with officials in the past+ tonights inexcusable blunder.The coaching ineptitude that he has brought in now for the last 2 years.The obvious 2nd guessing.The questionable play calling.

Why did we stop running the football for most of the 3rd and 4th quarter?

I think his buddy,Bill Stewart,is gooing to need some help this year.Say good bye to Hamilton,Chuck...Say hello to Morgantown!!!

well there is always next year... but i will say this... the team is more entertaining..

there are some really good players and guys with a lot of heart but watching the coaching mistakes is like watching curly larry and moe... so which one are ya charlie?

Charlie would be Larry. Bellefeuille is Curly and Easly is Moe For sure ...

At least I'd laugh if they were...I'm not laughing.

I agree, coaching is the problem.

Look at the Ticats "points for" and "points against". They have scored 23 more points than Toronto and have given up the same amount of points as the Argos and yet Toronto has won twice as many games.

Other than the first game of the season against Montreal and the game against the Stamps in Calgary, Hamilton had a chance to win.

Good coaching turns those winnable games into victories. Of the five "winnable" games that could have gone either way, Hamilton lost every one of them.

If they could have won 3 or 4 of them, they would be considered one of the better teams in the league.

Fire Taffe and bring in someone who knows how to win the close ones.

Come on Bob...! Fire somebody. You know you want to :slight_smile:

Or sell the team to someone who will!!!

Why would TO fire RS after 9 games......when they would be at least tied with us...and we don't even consider firing CT after 1.5 years of constant losing....???

Why are we so accepting of losing in this city?

If you fire him in the middle of the season that would really put your ticats out of any race...

A new head coach would not only have to learn a playbook but the players too. Thats if he leaves the playbook open til the end of the season.


Tick tick tick...

Oski Wee Wee,