Or is there something else we haven't done yet?

Cut or trade printers. we have williams and porter, fire taffe as well Obie step in as interem for the season, that will save Bob some coin to build the O and D lines IMHO

yep, cause starting over again will make all the diff. in the world. here's another idea, start another thread about the same topic.

I would fire Our OC first, he is a terrible play caller. Another Quebecer out to hurt the Ti-Cats...

They ran the same play over and over and we made no adjustments to stop it....Taaffe and his band of morons has to go....

ya they should merge the threads, _There will be no turnover or starting over just because Two overpaid non producers are kept around, The team would do better Under Obies Coaching Philosophy . We could have an exciting Kick return game,And a D that can go from Man to Zone when needed. Getting beet on the same LB blitz 6 times in a row?? Shotgun on 2nd and 1 , These are the H.C,s Call to make or Overrule. IMHO

I am sick and tired of having the Three Stooges as coaches. Until the coaching gets better, we are going to be a joke.