Fire Steinhauer

I figure he only has about three games (including preseason) before someone is REALLY calling for his ouster...and I always wanted to be ahead of the curve on something, so I thought I'd give that person a premade thread for use in July.

All the best Orlondo...and welcome back to Hamilton...errrr...Guelph then Hamilton.

:D :D :D :D :D :rockin:

Great post! Very proactive!

Seriously, Orlondo is a gentleman (I've chatted with him several times... at GC and Joe Badali's) and was a great player. He'll be an asset.... if this report is true.

Based on our last 2 DCs, he too could be 1 and done.

As I understand it Austin has full control of the team so even if OS messes up or the D is very bad in the beginning of the season Austin can take the reins. When you have full control of a team you can overrule the coordinators at any time.

Although Austin is not a D coach at all he has enough football experience to know what will or won't work on either side of the ball.

To be perfectly honest I am not overly thrilled with OS as the DC. It inspires no TiCat pride in me or more confidence in the D. I hope he makes a great DC but I think the chances are greater of not being all that great.

I have a feeling that most fans will share your feelings. With the defense being this teams Achilles heal I was expecting a more proven candidate to get the job. A Greg Marshall type. But they might not have been available or the price might have been too high.

Perhaps money or philosophy was a determining factor....


I don't think money is an issue when you consider the choices such Guelph, and the money they're paying Cortez and Austin.

If they've got the money and are willing to spend it on coaching, then that's a good thing for sure.

Tiger Cat fans are truly the most negative creatures in all of pro sports.


mycko. When the schedule comes out you could probably pick the date when this thread will be meaningful. :lol:

Most of them, not all of them, I would say 99% :wink: and your right if you want to be sick to your stomach some days just visit the TIcats Forum for a good purge :roll:

Which matches the team's win/loss record for several years now. Understandable, sadly.

Yeah, some of the behaviour sure is sickening.

Spot on again,Captain...

I was going to say the same thing...

It's not like we've had oodles and oodles of success over the last decade...It's not like ownership and the front office do anything that might resemble long term success and instill any sense of confidence...

Open the vault and get Chris Jones: never mind hiring the consolation prize.