Fire Steinauer

Just wanted to get a head start.

We still don't have a pass rush. This is Peach's second year and I have yet to see why he's here. Billy Ray, Joe, and Grover were defensive ends in the TiCat tradition. Peach doesn't seem to have a motor. I know that coaches coach and spectators watch but I've been watching for a long time and this guy ain't no peach. :roll:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Agree not enough power on the defence

8) I agree wholeheartedly with you Pat. I have watched him closely also, and I sure am not impressed with his play either.

, Looks like another big free agent signing bust !! :roll:

Fire everyone, put TIcats Forum members in charge :wink: I will be in charge of Positive Public Relations, Who else wants a Job ? Neuman, you can be my assistant, Moonbase you can be the ball boy !

The offense only scored 3 points in the 2nd half.

The Cats developed a few decent ends over the years, (guys like Long, Cheatwood, Cotton, Hodges etc) although have never recovered (nor replaced) from the loss of Hickman and McIntyre.

I think people should be giving credit to the O-Lines of both the Argos and TiCats. Both QB's Ray and Burris had lots of time for the most part. Teams know how important their starting QB's are and look for the best OT's they can find. The Argos have moved all-star RT Chris Van Zeyl inside to Guard because new Import Tackles Rogers and King were just too good to let go.
Hamilton is doing the same with using imports Simmons and Figueroa. Good pass blocking OT's are hard to find in the limited Canadian pool of players.
I thought the Hamilton defense didn't play badly. Except for a couple of runs by Kackert when the Cats gambled, the Argos couldn't run the ball very well. And Ricky Ray is Ricky Ray, he can put the ball on a dime. This Hamilton team could be the best in the Bob Young era.
That game could have gone either way for sure.

No the answer is get some bookends that can pass rush ! This front four is is joke, RELEASE MR PEACH I can't believe he is still in steel town...... :roll: :thdn:

Bring back "Sudsey" Don Sutherin as our D Coach he was great at mixing up the plays with Lancaster as head coach? Or a modern version get Otis Floyd and Joe Montford to team up as D Coach and D Line Coach I would love to see that, Floyd would flip out if he saw the play of our D line right now and Montford would want to suit up and play again like he said last year against Winnipeg at final home game?

Our safety made 8 tackles last night, while Boudreaux,Moore, and Fortin had 4 tackles total. Stats can lie but the eye in the sky doesn't lie. :roll: Peach was the pits!

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Have to get a much better pass rush but Ray gets the ball away very quickly. Secondary ouch, that was painful to watch. Depth was exposed when Webb got hurt. I believe we were told that dbs/linebackers were going to need to be able to play anywhere, that was not exhibited last night. You could tell that JJ and MK had not played enough at their new positions though I did think JJ adjusted in the second half. That should be encouraging as it may and I emphasize may have been an adjustment made under OS's direction.

The missed field goal was big

We must also note that no team in the three games played so far has played well on defense, Calgary was the best but they still gave up a lot of points. The best d in the league last year BC got torched by the Stamps.

I think we'll have a much better idea after 4 games. I reserve judgment until that time.

By the way, does anyone remember a season when we had to play a team back to back 5 times? I cannot. October is going to be crazy Argos back to back then Als back to back, I missed that when the schedule came out and the Als/Argo D definitely does not strike fear in my heart though like us it's way to early to know.

As usual the team that gets their D together will be the team to beat. We shall see.

QB sacks are avoided by making good play calls, good reads and releasing the ball quickly. The Cats did that for the most part tonight.

Me too guys.
Not only that he looses contain too often.
On the 1st Argo TD Peach got caught in the middle and Ray rolled out to Peach's side without containment.
If you can't get a sack, you better be able to contain.

seriously its game 1 of a 18 game season camps only been in for a month and as a rule any team in any sport usually dont get the full thing clicking on all cylinders first quater of the season. Theres room for improvement and time to do that so i say stay clam and play on

Could be worse, we could be like Loserpeg or Edmonton ??

Wins don't come easy. If we miss the playoffs, we'll be looking back at this loss as the one that got away and could have changed our season. Is it time to panic? No, but don't try and play this loss off as if it doesn't mean anything.

I guess we'll find out. Hamilton will see Edmonton and Winnipeg a total of 5 times before September.

so im guessing if we wouldda won and still miss the playoffs then this games doesnt mean nothing

If Gable catches that pass, this thread doesn't exist.

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