Fire someone!!!

no sense repeating or quoting, mada7 your posts are exactly what I am thinking.

My question is: Why would the Als hire Marcel B, when he was practically tared and feathered in Saskatchewan?

Maybe its time to see if Don Mathews has recovered and ready to give coaching another shot.

Funny, I had the same reaction as the two of you. I can only imagine what Calvillo feels when he has to run one of Bellefeuille's retarded plays. "It's second and 10, coach." "Okay, let's go with the 5-yard curl pattern." "Uh, but that won't get us the first down unless the receiver makes three defenders miss and picks up the extra yardage on his own!" "Good job, AC! I'm glad you're seeing the field well!"

I just look at the skill level of Calvillo. It shouldn't drop that fast.

Why would an OC change the number of steps a QB drops back?

And yes disciplineandpunish, why 5 yard outs when you need 10 yards.

Marcel B must have pictures of somebody doing something naughty........befuddles me why he still has a job!

It's a puzzler for sure.

Now surely the man can't be stupid. I trust that he knows we need 10 yards to get first downs. I also trust that he is aware that 5 yards and 6 yards are LESS THAN ten.

So it would be really nice if a Montreal scribe would ask him why he keeps calling for these 5 and 6 yard out patterns when we need 8, 9, or 10 yards for a first down.

yeah, his runs were efficient. That was a surprise!

Maybe he should've continued to run once in a while in the 2nd half.