Fire someone!!!

Bellefeuille, fire his arse!!! Popp, go back to what you do best!!! This is disgraceful! To blow such a lead, this is an all time low!!!!

The game is now tied 26 all and there is almost no time left! If we go into overtime, we don't have a kicker cause Duval got himself thrown out!!!

We got away with it this time!

The officials should all be fired!!! Last week they almost cost a win with a phantom interference call negating a ket interception. that was clearly an official throwing a flag to take away from the fact that he didn’t watch the play to its completion!

NOW, Duval gets kicked out after taking a punch and a face mask while the Argos are scoring. That extra 6 points would have been the difference.

ONE OF THESE DAYS THE ALS OR SOME OTHER TEAM IS GONNA GET SCREWED OUT OF 2 POINTS AND POTENTIALLY A PLAYOFF GAME… that’s HUGE money for the players and the owners that rides on every penny they can make!

Either Bellefieulle needs to go or Popp needs to find a real coach that is smart enough not to listen to him. Bellefieulle is doing the exact same thing that he did in saskatchewan with no success 4 repetitive predictable plays that never change to suit the down and yards needed.

The offense is non-existant in the second half. After the opposition punts in the second half what we should do is wait a minute, roll a die and move the ball that many yards forward from where the kick was caught then kick the ball back to the opponents. Its basically what were doing now anyways.

Yes were winning but these are not convincing wins in the least and even when we win it is very clear that Popp and Bellefieulle have no idea how to run an offense. This perpetual take what hte defence gives mentality is a loser way of thinking. We need an OC that will intimidate defences not give em whatever they want and are expecting

Yes we did, and I sighed with relief when Prefontaine missed his field goal. But still, we were very lucky. Our team has a lot of problems and I hope that people won't be blinded by the win, and not see the following problems:

-The offense was AGAIN putrid and horrible in the second half;

-The O line is either getting beaten up or taking a penalty. In the first half alone the O line drew 6 penalties! Count em 6! 3 for procedure and 3 for holding. This is the 3rd game in a row that Mudge has at least 2 procedure calls against him. This is unacceptable!

-TOO MANY short passes. I repeat, TOO MANY SHORT PASSES. Maybe Bellefeuille needs glasses because he surely can't see where the FIRST DOWN MARKER is. You cannot continually throw 5 yard passes and expect the receiver to run another 3 when you need 8 for a first down.

WHAT happened to that great route that Cahoon would always run to the corner, and a yard past the first down marker? He would turn around, and if needed, would come back one yard and STILL get the first down if he was tackled immediately. He would do it several times a game. Why is this play gone from the playbook??? Marcel, why?

Not too mention Popp trying an onside kick... I'll stop here for now...

The Als had success running the ball in the first half. During the second half when they had a lead, they often passed on first down! Why did they not run the ball more? They should have used Payton and Cobourne to run into an already tired argos defense. Running backs usually get bigger gains in the second half because the defense gets more and more tired.

Running the ball with a lead is also the way to take time off the clock. WHY did Bellefeuiile not try to run more in the second half? He went pass crazy in a situation where the run should have been called much more. ESPECIALLY against a tired defense with only 3 lineman; a defense known for being weak against the run.

Bellefeuille is not even good enought to playcall an amateur flag football game! I bet any of the longtime CFL fans on this forum could call a better game than Marcel... COMPLETELY awful!!!

Bellefeuille makes me really mad. What a loser. Honestly. We hired this guy and Popp to be our coaches when there were people like Chapdelaine, Buratto, and Austin available. You know, qualified coaches with experience.


I have to agree......Bellefeuille is bad news and has to go!

He's got Joe Paopao Syndrome -- where you compulsively call for a 5-yard pattern when you need 10 yards for the down.

Im done with the "lets give them a chance they are improving" mentality players can only improve so much in a bad system.

Bellefieulle is living proof that you can achieve more as a famous catastrophe than as a highly skilled nobody. I hated teams that would jump and claw for the opportunity to hire a coach that was just fired in any sport. The guy was fired for a reason maybe it is a bad idea to give him back that same job.

I really wonder though what would happen if there was heavy rain during a game the 4 plays bellefieulle has written on his hand will get washed away and he would really have no clue what he was doing

What an ugly game.

Duval...He's got to cool his heels. Teams know he's a hot head and its become a problem. Missed a 25 yard field goal ! The 50 yarder I can understand but a short field goal in a tight game. Popp should pay the opponents for smaking him in the head.

Calvillo...His completion percentage on anything 20 yards or more is anywhere from 5 to 10%. Half the sacks again tonight were because of bad footwork.

Payton...Guy's not in game shape and he fizzles out after 10 carries. forced the Als to go to Avon Cobourn and it didn't work.

Popp...Short kick when things are going your way was a terrible call. It woke up the Argos.

Bellefeuille...Lousy play calling, No half time adjustments.

Als didn't sell out for the first time in five or six years....Is anyone going to get the message?

Team has no killer instinct. I have no idea where the offense is going to come from?

At least they got a win but really they beat a team with no QB in their own stadium in overtime, nothing there that shows any promise what so ever.

HfxTC, I agree with most of your points, except that I think Calvillo played as good a game as he could in Bellefeuille's piss-poor system. And our O-line couldn't stop four or five-man pressure half the time, when they weren't taking rookie procedure penalties. Mudge had a brutal game, absolutely brutal.

NEWS FLASH---this just in

Jim has just been handed the Peter Principle Award----"In a hierarchy every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence." ---He would like to thank Mr Bellefeuille for his "help"--pointing out that without him maybe he might have been looked over

Als didn’t sell out for the first time in five or six years…Is anyone going to get the message?[/HfxTC]

They did sell out last night, They just came off a win on the road and there was no reason not to, IMO Had they lost last night, next week would have been a deferment story.

Calvillo… Half the sacks again tonight were because of bad footwork.[/HfxTC]

All of his sacks were due to the lousy O-Line. They were manhandled so badly that no-one would have been able to get away. Half of his sacks were do to the fact that he had no-where to go due to all the Als’ bodies sprawled on the turf in-front of him.

The OLine: Popp the GM's fault. The last half of last year we were taking sack after sack. So what did he do. Nothing. Except of course that the worst of our lineman, Fritz became a full time starter. Both of our tackles are out to lunch. The only they leave enough time for the QB to throw one of his anemic passes is when they hold.
I think we need to play 5 down football. If we go for it on 5th down, we may have a chance for a 1st down. %x 2 yards makes 10. I've never in my life seen so many second dpwn plays where the ball is thrown 3 or 4 yards short of the distance needed.
As far as AC's percentage of completion on passes over 20 yards, I don't remember one completion this year down either sideline. It really doesn't mean much when we win-- the football is so bad. Winning is embarrassing, and I believe that every time we do win it demeans the quality of football in the CFL. A team this awful should never win.
So we beat a team using their 4th string QB. Lets all go out and celebrate.

Calvillo controlled the offense well. I liked seeing him run with the ball. Not a big fan of his slides but very understandable. His downfield passes however are just plain terrible.

As Calvillo was heading back on the field after the Argos tied the game. Bellefeuille gave him his play and you clearly see the disgust on Calvillo's face.

The Oline I am not judging because its a makeshift affair. It is what it is.

Now how about Ben Cahoon...What are the Als going to do when he hangs it up !

Sicard. I agree with you. Als wins have been against the worse two teams in the league. I can’t see the Als beating anyone else then TO or Hamilton. Maybe Calgary at McGill if Burris has one of his mental health days.

I saw that and thought the same think to myself.
When you think about it, AC called his plays for 3-4 years and made it to the cup in every year except 1. What has Bellefeuille ever accomplished on a football field that warrents him calling the plays?