FIRE SEAN WHYTE aka Pippin the hobbitt

[i]Sean Whyte sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! That smurf pippin is a 90 pound weakling with no leg!!!! Thanks a lot there Pippin for LOSING the game for us! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

It's time to fire, or cut or terminate this half pint with the little girl leg! Get his arse out of here!


Just checked...hes not married to Mark Weightmans daughter. :smiley:

Does he have a son ?

Pippin is not even the best Hobbit punter in the league ! Dressler has a better punting average LMAO !

I think I figured out why Popp doesn't want to replace Whyte. He's afraid he will have the LPA on his back...

Why are you calling him names? You and disciplin are making the problem worse. BTW, him missing field goals exposes the fact that special teams can't recover. These are the facts. Wetenhall and Popp hired a bunch of new coaches and Sean can't kick and Calvillo can't pass efficiently. We never had these problems. Never noticed Sean Whyte ever being bad except for this year. So STFU!

[i]Hey dude, Sean Whyte pippin the smurf has always BEEN BAD!!!!!!!

If you want Johnny to STFU, you gotta make him :cowboy:


Where’s Duval? Dude was money for ya’ll!!!

(I’m new to your team’s forum … Am I supposed to put everything in italics?)
(Je suis nouveau sur le forum de votre équipe … Suis-je censé mettre tout en italique?)

Où Duval? Mec avait de l’argent pour YA’LL!

What bothers me as much as his weak leg is his weak character. Blames the ball being wet, Andre Proulx, everything but himself. Proulx probably could have made those kicks.

Time to man up Sean.

Settle down backstabbers. I mean name callers. I mean fans? Sean is not a one-person team. A touchdown should not have resulted from a missed field goal. Blame Mother Nature. Sean wanted to make the field goal, he wanted to win the games - don't you think? We will survive this. As for being fired. When you curse someone or wish something bad to happen to another, it'll come back to you. So, maybe you should be fired. How does that feel?

Sean is a professional, he gets paid to make kicks. Kick a winning field goal you get the accolades, miss one and blame comes with the territory. Mess up enough on any job and eventually you get fired. And its the Als fans who pay Seans salary.

He messed up, he should have apologized to his teammates and fans as Brandon London did when he messed up earlier this season. You man up to your mistakes rather than blaming a wet ball or a referee.

Is that witchraft or something :cowboy: ?

I sat in the first row in Moncton and saw the punts first hand. Was even worse than I imagined,no question the worst punting I'd seen at a pro level in my life, I've seen worst punting in the CIS but not OFTEN.
Saturday his net punting average was 18 yards on punts.
He plays football in Canada so yes it will get cold and wet, unfortunately for him he has no power.
The contacting the kicker did not change the fact he missed the kick and frankly the player clipped his toe and some pretty good acting went into that one.

He has to go ! This is Pro football not The Salvation Army.

Whyte had an 18 yard average punting last game, and missed two crucial field goals in the 4th quarter.

Please explain to me how posters in here are "making the problem worse", if you please.

Heck, you guys should hire that Wendy's guy the first year when he kicked the 50 yarder.
Whyte definitely for punting, kickoffs or FG has no business being in there.

Converts maybe?

even managed to miss one of those

Je crois que Johnny s'est auto-réservé ce privilège.

Duval était fini lorsqu'il a quitté Montréal, et il l'a amplement prouvé avec les Eskimos.

Les Alouettes ont trouvé un prospect (Alvarado), ce qui ne veut pas dire qu'ils ne chercheront pas d'autres candidats, particulièrement des candidats qui préfèrent le football canadien au rodéo.

Delbert ne préférait pas le rodéo au football canadien, mais son amie à une place sur l"équipe de pratique.


Je dois être con. Je la pige pas.

Avec son experience de rodeo j`espere que Alverado peut plaquer mieux que M. Whyte.