Fire Rich Stubler!

Atta boy Johnny! I was definitely expecting a “Fire…(insert name here)…” string.

Maybe we should should just add a new name or names each weekend. The way things are going, we should be able to go through the entire management and coaching staff by season’s end!

Sheesh! What a bunch of “stroons”.

Looking for the silver lining, I thought Stef Logan had a solid game and may set a new record with all the kickoffs that will be coming his way this season. Saw no quit in his game.

The backup running back had a couple of nice special team tackles as well. He is safe.

Although he would be good, no Paul LaPolice for you unfortunately. Already making big money and doesn’t have to worry about all the politics of being a head coach. Probably something in his contract.

Will be interesting. Jim Barker ain’t no fool but it’s only week two. Keep it up though and there will be consequences.

Saw no threat in it either. One really good return (that I saw) was just running to a hole in the coverage, not beating anyone on his own.

Barker needs to make a living and they aren't barging his door down to hire him...

You're just looking for a fight there buddy boy. Your narcissistic nature is not wanted here. You either talk about your fantasy football, or criticize posters; neither is acceptable.

Aw shucks Lyle. That is high praise coming from the one and only Bomberino poet! :slight_smile:

And Johnny agrees about Papazoola.

Harassment?! That is just so stupid. Keep complaining snowflake.

Yup. We could clear the decks with this coaching staff! This team has a good chance of going winless.

Depuis la période des agents libres on favorise la défense, on monte la défense, tout est orienté pour faire une défense béton, et malgré tout, on doit se contenter d'une pitoyable fausse stratégie de ''flanche mais ne casse pas''. Pitoyable.

6 returns for 175 yds. Best average of week 2. Give the guy a break. Just saying.

I don't think we should expect Rich Stubler to stay beyond 2018, as he is merely a stopgap solution for this season.

If Stubler can get to the 9 game mark - I suspect he'll finish the season in Montreal.

The odds are against him (and others, obviously) surviving to Game 9

A touch of Alzheimer's setting in for you, Johnny? You beat me to the punch with this post way back on the first page:

It's alright though. I'm willing to stick around now as long as it takes me to finish the job.

Narcissistic? An interesting observation coming from someone who keeps referring to himself in the third person.

Only one specific poster actually. Is asking you to count to one setting the bar too high for you?

[i]neither is acceptable.[/i]
Sorry son. Let me dissuade you of the notion that anybody was foolish enough to appoint you the boss.

Complaining? Who was it then who complained to the mods about my mentioning the word "Fantasy" in this forum? Let me give you a hint. It wasn't me.


I was reacting to what I saw ... plain and simple ... like Willy's numbers in week 1, stats don't always tell the story.

Like Ronda Rousey's stats for her first round with Hollywood Holly Holm - before Holm kicked Ronda's head off in the 2nd round . . .

or the first 42 seconds of Ronda's next fight with pudgy Amanda Nunes - 5 seconds before Nunes battered and out of shape and gassed Rousey into submission!

Hey Barfticfox, kiss Johnny's backside! You keep wanking in front of the mirror, while thinking of your lame fantasy football.

Johnny knows for a fact that a handful of people complained about your lame arse posts. Keep complaining to Johnny; cause good ole Johnny just don't give a rat's arse!

From now on Johnny will ignore you, so you


Now, now, Johnny. There's no need for you to air your sexual fantasies on this board. And no, I don't have any pictures for you.

So you're so important that the rest of us are supposed to care whether you're ignoring us or not? You're betraying the mindset of a teenage girl. "I'm ignoring you! So there!"

Hmmmmm. So while you know nothing about football, you're right up to date on the latest pop culture references from television? Now I know you're a teenage girl. That certainly explains then your interest in the sexual proclivities of the gentlemen on this board.

I'm therefore sorry to have been so nasty to you, dear. I'll have to send you flowers by way of apology.


Re our D. A good system puts players in position to succeed. But its up to the players to make that tackle and grab the interception. Too many times we have seen easy interceptions dropped and tackles missed. At least the playerswere in position to make a play we haventhad too many blown coverages so hopefully the interceptions and good tackles will come our way.

I have not liked the number of attempts to cut down runners/receivers without wrapping them up.

Too often we have see where our D players are trying to send the opposition player into the next time zone rather than wrapping up and when they miss the opositionplayer is still running.. Quit trying for the bighiite film hit just tackle.