Fire Rich Stubler!

What a pitiful embarrassment this pitiful defense was tonight! After years of putting up with Noel Thorpe's "bend, bend, bend some more and then bend over..." defense, now we get Stubler's "bend, bend, bend then shatter" defense! What's an Alouettes' fan to do?! ::slight_smile:

Tonight, Streveler a 23 year old QB in his second CFL start, made Stubler his b*tch! He looked like Doug Flutie out there!

Stubler's defense couldn't stop the deep pass, couldn't stop the short passing game, couldn't stop the run, couldn't stop the QB from running for long gains. Stubler's defense couldn't defend itself out of a wet paper bag!

This is not 2004. This bend but don't break defense crap doesn't work like it used to. It especially doesn't work when the front four cannot generate constant pressure. What a joke!

Fire Rich Stubler!

Problem is who do we replace him with? Can't start installing a whole new defensive scheme during the season . . .

Kalele Carter ?

At this point, a tackling dummy could probably run a better defense...

Ladies and gentlemen, our new DC

Timid Tim Burke & Last Call Dan Macocia are still available last time I checked. Dickenson's brother, currently a Chris Jones acolyte may be ready.

Peering into the future, the Als may be forced to stick things out this year - paying fixed costs and takingmassive bumps to the fan train.

Then clear the hobos from the train.

And bring in Barker, Austin, perhaps installing Plop (Paul Lapolice) as head coach. Still a problem at QB though!

If you were Paul Lapolice, would you quit your job to go work for Kavis Reed ? Seriously ? Do you not remember the scene in the booth at the GC when Kavis Reed was called for sending 13 men on the field ? Lapolice would never work for Kavis Reed.

The CFL is an old boys club. Kavis Reed and Andrew Wetenhall are not part of the club. This team needs new owners and a new President could be Larry Smith could be a Pierre Vercheval, someone respected in the CFL and then start from scratch.

Personally, I think it is too late, they've already burned through more than half their fanbase and it will take five years of good governance to bring this team back from the brink, I don't think the fanbase has another five years of masochism left in them. Next week this club will own the longest losing streak in the history of this old league...

Andrew saying he wants to connect with the city is comical. Where were you the last five years? The nimrods hired Ray Lalonde who could have really made them a big brand in Montreal and they canned him for buying a new phone system to replace an old Nortel Norstar phone system and now... now, they have this silver spoon fed millennial who woudn't be able to connect with fans if he wanted to running their team. Ask Lestaf...

The Wetenhall needed to sell ten years ago, they struck Gold with Trestman (absolute luck) which gave them another run, again could have sold high. Now they will own a bankruptcy or a fire sale and it is absolutely on them, not the fans.

I think the premise was that Barker or Austin would be the GM that hires Plop.

Yup. Well said.

That is the beauty of sports. Everyone has the choice of how (or if) they choose to support a franchise.

You can choose to support the sport franchise of your choice in several different ways. Some in monetary fashions other ways not. Purchase tickets, purchase merchandise, purchase television packages or simply jump on these sites.

…..You know I like winning....we've been in a Cup drought so long that anything resembling a light at the end of the tunnel is exciting to me....BUT I hate seeing another club...who were great not that long ago..take a drubbing like that...To say the Als. need a lot of work is putting it mildly...We've been there and it took a lot of time to get off of the carpet...It'll come with the right personnel in place and that's just it....Finding those people is the trick...Hope the Mont. fans can stick it out through these trying days till it happens... bonne chance guys...and I do mean that sincerely

Thank you! :slight_smile:

You have a lot of nerve coming into OUR forum, and telling us we cannot criticize our team. Stick to your fantasy crap and the main forum.

Right, so you should be held hostage.... Kind of like accepting low lives in your country because they have their kids in tow.

Every time a team skrews over a fan favorite, they tell the fans it is a business. But all of a sudden fans are not supposed to treat you as a business? Hmmm...

Interestingly enough that President Ray Lalonde I was talking about says the only power fans have over a runaway organization is their wallet... The only thing team owners will listen to is fans who pull their money... That's the way it is. By mid-season paying attendance will be below 10k I am certain of it. And they will struggle to sell 5000 season tickets for next season.

Yep. Losing Lapolice would be a great add to the Als org. Plop is an excellent head coach, great offensive mind - only negative is he's a bit terrified of his players. Thus he's never really hard on guys he should be hard on.

But Plop going from Wpg. to Montreal would definitely strengthen the Als - but it WOULD WEAKEN THE BOMBERS MORE!

There's more than a handful of 3rd person posters. The Winnipeg sites have a guy named 'The Dude' who refers to himself only in 3rd person. Now Baltic Fox appears on the scene.

Johnny Ticat also does the odd 3rd person referral but Johnny knows his football and is one of the best posters across our native land. I mean that sincerely. Papazoola from Winnipeg is another guy you should be welcoming.

Hey Papa! How you been ? Hope you are well.

No one with a reputation in this league will work for Andrew Wetenhall. I am certain of it. So starting with that. They must do the right thing and sell, if they can't sell they should give the keys to the league. They will save themselves lots of money because they are about to take the bath of their lives.

It won't fold, Montrealers love football. But they will not support this abomination, I am certain of it. This team not only loses, it can't even put points on the board going on five years. They can't entertain their fans!

Up until this year they wanted gold for their tickets. Now they will let you in for a cover-charge, its too late. Unless the Commish can convince someone in the league to "give" a quarterback to the Als, they can't turn this around and fans are going to tune them out. Last week they competed with the F1 Grand Prix, they could get any press. This week they competed with the NHL draft and could not get any press. Reporters don't even want to cover the team. Hell their broadcaster pre-empted their pre and post game show to cover the draft... dodged a bullet I guess , the way they played.

There is also a real disconnect when your owner is a New York Banker, your GM lives in Edmonton and your HC lives in Cap Cod. This has been allowed to go on with this team for a decade. When Rick Campbell and Marcel Desjardins took over the expansion Senators, they moved, put down roots and can be seen walking the streets and taking their kids to soccer and parents visits. They are selling their team year round. It is the same in most CFL towns. Some get away for a couple months during the winter like Huf and Buono but that's it.

Once exception is Toronto where Trestman and Popp live in the US but the jury is still out in Toronto. Even with a GC fans have not returned.

They will lose 2 to 3 million this year and 5 million starting next year.

Larry Smith knew how to sell the team in the community. He was everywhere.

Since then, hard pressed to hear anything about the team.

Johnny harasses all comers - but its not really harassment - its more like he's testing your football knowledge - if you have football knowledge and can demonstrate it on Johnny's boards you'll have no problem. He'll just kid you in lieu of torment . . . .

No problem. I’m always up for any frank exchange of opinion.