[i]Yup, fire Reinbold.

Wait a few games, and you dudes will want to run Reinebold out of town! The guy is great at interviews for getting jobs; but very bad at DOING THOSE JOBS!

He will ruin your special teams. When you dudes come here to start a FIRE REINEBOLD thread, you will realize it is already here! Johnny wanted to do you Hamilton dudes a favor. Johnny started and maintained a FIRE REINEBOLD thread in the Als forum last season. So, Johnny is an expert on FIRE REINEBOLD threads. So, Johnny’s gift to you is an authentic pro style FIRE REINEBOLD thread, free of charge. It is here for all you Hamilton dudes to voice your displeasure, and to demand Reinebold’s firing.

You can thank Johnny later!!! :rockin: [/i]

Three return TDs in three games, I think they'll keep him.

Johnny can pound sand! :cowboy:

Hey Johnnie:

Last season your team hired him as your DC, and I warned you shortly after the announcement that he would be your downfall. And yes, I will say it.....I TOLD YOU SO!!!!

But you see, the difference here is that we did NOT hire him to be the defensive co-ordinator here. As 2Ez4thacats has already pointed out, we have a few TDS from our special teams and some solid kicking and downfield plays.

So, Old fan says that Johnnie should take his italics and join the other Als fans and spread your doom and gloom talk somewhere else where it might be useful and appreciated.

FO Johnny

Now, come on, that image is much too flattering to Johnnie!!

[i]What's with all the hate for Johnny? Except for Diesel27, with his FO Johnny, which Johnny gathers means "Friendly overtures Johnny", everyone else has been rude.

Geez, Johnny comes in here and does you guys a favor. You're welcome :? [/i]

3 tds or no tds, reinebold still sucks.

I am quite sure they could have gotten those TDS without a special teams "coach".

I love the old ancient term "dude"...haven't heard it since a sixties movie the other night with John Wayne in it??? Our friend is likely an american because of the spelling of favour ...or his way "favor"...I'm sure he's looking for 4th down?

[i]Pretty cool that Tim Horton's is the big new sponsor. What a coincidence, because that is where Reinebold will be working after he has ruined your special teams :stuck_out_tongue:

FIRE REINEBOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: [/i]

Pssst Johnny - don't look now but Als have lost two games out of three. Maybe you should be at home lobbying for a new DC

[i]Actually, our DC is very good. It's our HC, OC and offensive line coach that suck. If you go to our forum, you will see that Johnny has been demanding their arses be fired for weeks...

But, still FIRE REINEBOLD!!!!!!!!!![/i]

you are one strange dude,johnny!!whats with the posting in the third person mode.....johnny says this,johnny says that? how about johnny goes away!!bye,bye,johnny takes a hike,get back on your tricycle,johnny and pedal your little arse out of here!!! :lol:

Hey Johnny I think Reinbold is doing a good job here, the problem in Montreal was that you had good talent on the field but not so good fans in the stands too much whining, not enough winning! Montreal has been blessed with a good team since re-joining the league in 1997 remember the years when there was No CFL team to support in Montreal because of No fan support? Well in 1997 you inherited a great team the Baltimore Stallions along with Tracy Ham and Mike Pringle and later Anthony Calvillo and have had your way for so long with winning teams, I would really like to see how many fans stick around if you have a losing season, come on 19,000 fans is horrible for a City of nearly 2 million you should be ashamed Johnny Italiano and by the way Reinebold enjoys Hamilton!!

It seems Popp's skills at finding coaching talent has come to a screeching halt.

I've often wondered over the recent years how Calvillo would fare with some average players and a decent, but not great coaching staff. I have now seen the answer repeatedly over the last few weeks. He misfires, he pouts and he seems more than willing to throw others under the bus afterward, instead of taking personal responsibility.

Much like he did in Hamilton.

I've said before that the time will come when Montreal will face a fate similiar to what we've experienced here. The chickens have come to roost there now. Let's see what grace and patience their supporters have!!

IMHO, AC probably should have retired after last season. What does he have to prove? He holds virtually every QB record in all of football (with the exception of TDs - Brett Favre has 506), so why not retire after all these accomplishments?

Seems to me he is being extremely selfish. He has stated that he has no inclination to be involved in game-planning, something ALL QBs should aspire to. As a result, the Al's offence is in shambles, he has stifled all backup QBs careers, and now the team might be hard-pressed to even make the playoffs.

Anthony Calvillos attitude seems rather selfish to me as well. He knows the end of his career is near, so I dont understand his reluctance in helping to bring along the younger QB talent. Yet, Tracy Hamm took him under his wing and assisted in making him what he has become in this league.

There have those on the Alsforum who have taken shots at Trestman for leaving the Montreal ship when and how he did. However, Calvillo, in hogging the position without providing his teammates and organization a proper quarterback developmental opportunity, is doing equal or greater damage to his teams present and future.

I'd agree with old fan's view if I thought AC was "hogging" the playing time at QB. I don't believe that's his decision though, I think it's the coach who decides who plays. AC should want to play, all starters should. So should all second stringers. The coach decides what's best for the team and puts players on the field accordingly.

You'd have to agree that Tony holds quite a bit of sway though...