I would hope but I doubt that either Lockley or Murrell will be activated.

With Bekasiak transferred to injury list, I expect Matte or Roy to be added to 46 player active roster; I also expect Adebayo to be dressed/playing.


Following what I wrote, if Lockley or Murrell plays, I say Victor Anderson will come out/won't play.

Instead of adding either Matte or Roy to active roster, the Als could add Lockley or Murrell. The active roster would then consist of 25 Imports and 21-Non-Imports. I prefer this option.

At game time, Gainey,Devine or Guy, V.Anderson or Lockley or Murrell and McKnight would/should be the healthy scratches.


Just for the record Richard, Bryn Roy was put on the 9-game Injured List as per July 26 CFL transactions. Als roster still has him on 1-game. I believe he has concussion issues.

And I hope to see the subject line shortly changed to REINEBOLD ON FIRE.

I think we get it. Funny, you started this topic, but the other members are contributing more to the discussion than you are.

Thank you for the information idealsheldon.


[i]Johnny knows people get it! JOhnny ain't trying to be understood; he is trying to get Reinbold fired, or at the very least, express his displeasure to the Alouettes brass (who read this forum). JOhnny will not pay 114$ per ticket, for one of the best tickets in the stadium while this guy is DC!

The Als have to show Johnny they are serious, before Johnny pays that kind of $$$ to see games. Hiring a guy who was a tight ends coach (a tight end is on the offensive side of the ball, and the tight end does not exist in the CFL!), who has not coached defense in the last decade, and NEVER was a defensive coordinator at any level (not pro, college or high school) is a joke.

So this guy Reinbold who has little to no experience coaching on the defensive side of the ball, is gonna come to the CFL, and mastermind a defense that can compare with the defense of a Chris Jones, Rick Stubler, Tim Burke, Benevides and Mark Nelson????? Yeah right...

If you believe that, give Johnny some of your drugs!!!!!!!

August 1, 2012 FIRE REINBOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/i]

[i]And they say the proof is in the pudding. Well, the pudding is full of points! The Als have given up 30 points or more in 4 of 5 games. The one game they did not give up 30 points; they gave up 20 in one half (at home).

At this rate, the Als will give up 576 points for the season; a team record for an 18 game season. Their previous worst is 532 in 1997 (I suspect that number is wrong... The CFL site has 509 points for, 532 against, but the Als were 13-5 that season). Only twice since 1996 have they given up more than 500 points.

And take this stat into consideration: Opposing quarterbacks complete 74.4% of their passes against the Alouettes! 74.4% I **** you not!

[url=] ... 070709.pdf[/url]

Johnny would love to see the % of 2nd and long conversions against the Als. It must be better than 70%. TOTALLY unnacceptable. [/i]

First of all, the tight end does exist in the CFl in certain formations. We use Lavoie as a tight end not infrequently.

Second, the test for me tomorrow is if Reinebold has the unit ready to play out the gate. If we get owned in the first half, he's got to go, regardless of whether we pull together in the second. No defense worth its salt can afford to let the other team run roughshod over it for 30 minutes.

would be nice to get out of the gate with a lead and hold on to it in the first half and ultimately games end.

Like the first game against Winnipeg. That was our best effort on offense. It works both ways. Defense has to do its part but the offense can’t come out throwing an interception or stalling in the red zone. They are calling for bad weather on Friday in Winnipeg so we have to be ready to run the ball.

Our D has not done the job in the first half once this season! Time for them to step up and continue from where they left off against the Argos.

So the offense has to be lights out right away, every game, but the defense can just roll over if we happen to turn the ball over early or settle for a field goal early? The low standards are mind-boggling. What does 'doing its part' mean? How about we not allow the other QB to complete 75% or better of his passes and post up 20+ points in one half of football, REGARDLESS of how the offense is playing? How about we force some turnovers of our own on defense to allow the offense time to work itself into rhythm?

That's not what I'm saying. Just that both are dependant on each other. While the offense is on the field, the defense isn't. So if the offense can establish some form of rythm early it will make the defense better.

Yes, but the offense has done that in the past, only to have the defense give momentum right back to the other team by letting it drive down the field and score. In the Hamilton game, not once did the defense get a stop when we needed it. In the Toronto game, we started hot on offense, but had a few unproductive series. The defense could have held but instead buckled completely and let Toronto establish its own rhythm during that half.

This game reminds me a lot of the games late last season. We can deal a big blow to Winnipeg's chances if we put them down. Hopefuly they seize the opportunity.

winnipeg unfortunately is that type of team where even a 3 TD lead against them isn't safe. I expect another nailbiter in the final minutes.

[i]Johnny was going to give Reinbold a reprieve from the daily FIRE REINBOLD post, after the first half. Johnny was not convinced, because Winnipeg has a very young and inexperienced offensive line. Winnipeg also has no quarterback worth a can of beans... But, after giving up only 3 points in the first half, and getting numerous "2 and outs", Johnny, being the compassionate man he is, would have given him a break.

But that second half... Yes, the Als defense dominated much of the second half. But, Reinbold went into "prevent defense" mode when the Als led 21-3. Seconds later, Als then lead 21-10 and the game was not over!!!

The Als offense scored a few times, putting the game again out of reach and protecting Reinbold. What does Reinbold do? He again plays "prevent defense" and lets Winnipeg get another TD!!!! in garbage time.

Final score: 36-26 in Als favor. 23 points given up in the second half. So, Reinbold has yet to put together a whole game (4 quarters) of good to great defense. Yes, the Bombers scored twice against the "prevent defense". But Reinbold is THE ONE who put his players in prevent defense mode!!!!! Stupid move!!!!!!

Prevent defense is stupid and shows "one" has no balls!!! That crap might work in american football, but not in the CFL. When the clocks stops on every play in the last 3 minutes (as it does in the CFL), you cannot play prevent defense. In the NFL the clock is your friend if you have a lead. In the CFL, it ain't... [/i]

Shame on Reinebold for not even knowing the intracicies of the Canadian game! And he is a former CFL head coach... No excuses....

FIRE REINBOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree. Trestman folded early on offense, thank god Calvillo took it upon himself on that pass to Deslauriers. As for the prevent defense no sure if it was Reinebold or Trestman but it was beyond stupid considering how well the D was playing.

Let them play you !

Foreurs? :slight_smile: They're in Val D'Or. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I guess both make holes bigger :stuck_out_tongue: