[i]Johnny has had enough! Enough of this clown running the defense. Johnny don't care that the defense had a decent second half. That decent second half was because the players were awesome, and Ricky Ray had a 2 quarter brain fart (like he often has had in the past...).

The defense has had 2 good halves out of ten. 5 games, 10 halves, only 2 were good. "The other 8 were atrocious!!!!!! The other team knows everything the Als are doing! Its friggin obvious!!!!!!!

For those groupies who will defend Reinebold and the defense, just remember that Toronto has an AWFUL offensive line. Getting pressure on that line means SQUAT.

Reinebold needs to be fired NOW!!! Not after the season; cause the season will be wasted!!!! FIRE HIM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


They had a decent first half and a fantastic second half. The only positive in this game was the play of the defense, London,Lavoie and Whyte.

Guy was also doing very well on kick return before he got injured. Bowling was useless, unfortunately.

One thing of note: the pass rush did look better with Jenkins and Cash in the lineup. We need to cut Williams and find a DB other teams can't pick on routinely for big gains. Osaisai needs to be off the roster.

He got a couple of 15 yard no yard penalties at least, could have had another. With the offence the als will face the next two games Reinbold should be ok.

The second half of last night's game saved Reinebold's job for now, IMO. Finally, we saw glimpses of what this unit can be, with aggressive extra-man pressure on Ray and tight coverage on Toronto's receivers. The pass rush looked better with Cash and Jenkins. Seth Williams is still horrible, and Reinebold's infatuation with Osaisai, particularly in the red zone as a dimeback when he has twice been victimized for TDs in such a capacity (luckily, one was called back on a hold), is incomprehensible, but it was heartening at least to see SOME pushback from the defense after an embarrassing first half.

He was benefiting from Toronto being antsy after Guy had ripped off those big gains. He made nothing happen on his own.

With the offence the als will face the next two games Reinbold should be ok.
We haven't been ok against any offense so far. One good half of football is not enough to convince me that we've turned a corner.

...I don't think we're going to go out of our way to save Reinbolds job in the Peg....We'll be better be ready :wink:
Although Jeff has been out-gamed planned in the past, you have to give him a little more time, at least till Labour Day...He still has a lot of CFL savvy ask Trestman

I agree Winnipeg played very well at home this week and Matthews is the best receiver in the league right now. Brink can spot openings and run for first downs. They consistantly put up some solid drives against the best D in the league and are playing desperate football. Als better be on their A game for sixty minutes if they hope to be in that game.

July 28th 2012 FIRE REINBOLD!

Montreal's D is on pace to surrender 583 points this year. That must be the highest amount in a LONG time. The funny thing is, both Hamilton & Winnipeg are currently on pace for worse. No team has broken the 600 point barrier since the Argos in 2008.
WPG's D will get healthier and improve, Reinbold better figure it out quick, or you guys might just have the worst D in the league!

I mentionned before the season started that it would take half a season this year to have an idea how teams stacked up because of all the changes in the east and Winnipeg's unusual schedule. Reinebold's defense can improve just as much as Burke's I have to say so far I'm very impressed by Hamilton's offense and Toronto play in all phases. I would say right now things are not looking great for both Montreal and Winnipeg but its early.

allot of work ahead of Reinbold if the halfway mark is the mark of measurement.

allot of work ahead of the Als in general.

July 29th 2012 FIRE REINBOLD!

[i]July 30th 2012 FIRE REINBOLD!

More evidence he should be fired:


Maybe Matthieu Proulx should apply.


Proulx makes a good point in his column, though. We seem to adjust fairly well at halftime, but are terrible at being effective out the gate. By the time we get our act together on defense, the game is often out of reach. Reinebold has to have his unit ready to play assignment-sharp football at the beginning of the first quarter. We'll see what happens against Winnipeg. We'll be facing an inexperienced QB and an O-line missing one of its starters. If we can't keep this offense in check for most of the game, we don't have a defense worth anything.

Proulx wants the defence to be simplified. Not a bad idea.

[i]The defense is so complicated, the players on defense cannot properly execute it. But, to the opposing offense, the defense is simple! Cause they know what's coming.

It should be the other way around: simple to the guys on defense, complicated and complex for the opposing offense. Reinebold has got it arse backwards....[/i]

JULY 31 2012 FIRE REINBOLD!!!!!!

With Bekasiak out for 4-6, what happens on the d-line? Cash and Jenkins did fairly well in rotation against Toronto. Do we activate Murrell or Lockley? Does Mullinder become a full-time reserve DT? If I'm in charge:

DE: Bowman
DT: Cash
DT: Jenkins
DE: Lockley
with Mullinder spelling the tackles and Chima spelling the ends

I'm expecting a better game from Jerald Brown. He can't have been proud of getting torched by Owens in the Toronto game. I have given up expecting Seth Williams to do anything but suck. If he has yet another brutal game, it would be the perfect time to release him. We're heading into a by week, so his replacement will have more time to get up to speed.