Fire Pigskin Pete

new costume, but hes still there. well, someone is wearing the new TC costume...

not nearly as cool as the old one.

Ya know ever since the cats came up with that slogan with that whimpy jingle "show your stripes" Even I have been ribbed about following the "Pussy Cats" My God What ever happened to Eat 'em raw play hard bleed hard ti cats? Don't get me wrong, I still love the ti cats, I would even go out on the field and spill my own blood for them if it would do any good. But come on let's get back to the ruff and tumble cats. Maybe get a tiger back in the endzone? (If the tree huggers would alow it)

i want pigskins job! when he retires, he's my idol have always respected the job he does and im a big fan like he, I am only 31 but I'd dedicate 25yrs to the task!