Fire Pigskin Pete

Since we fired everyone, the only guy left to fire is Pigskin Pete. He must go now!

If I were Stripes I'd be worried too!

Hey?? What ever happen to TC?

His offence stinks so they fired him

He was fired a couple of years ago for getting too rough with somebody on the side lines.

Gads...if TC was fired for being too rough, get him back. That's what this team needs. Some players to really rough up the other team. Kudos to Tay Cody and Wayne Shaw for some solid hits tonight. Too bad Arland Bruce III could still get up and walk. Obviously not hit quite hard enough.

Umm TC is at every game guys. They don't show him much but he's there.

He's been embarassed to come on out.

TC- our family's choice of mascot

Pigskin Pete, TC and Stripes are the only positives on the field.

Pigskin Pete, TC and Stripes are the only positives on the field.

Correction, Pigskin Pete ((muah)) TC are the only things worth while on the field. Stripes is part of the "new" look that has not been working for us. I say dump the Cheetos Cat and put things back the way they were.

I don't even find this Remotely Funny

Paul(Pigskin Pete) Is one Of Finest People I have ever Met..

Wow, sarcasm elludes you. Nobody has serious said to fire Petey. Sheesh.

No I get it but I don't think it is funny

Then you need to get a life. If it was directed at me I'd still think its funny. Im ure Paul has a thicker skin than you.

yeah great idea the way they were in 2003 1-17 great idea! at least our record is better then that, I agree Pigskin,TC and yes cheergirl even STRIPES is more entertaining then the product on the field as of late, youve hated stripes since day 1 and thats not gonna change, time to accept the fact that he's here and not going anywhere (unless he's cut this week) LMAO its ok to have TC and Stripes I love it!!

Cheers(a great tv show)!

I say we fire Bob as caretaker and re-hire him as the owner of the club. Make sense? :wink:

Basically Pete was fired several years ago when they wanted him to pay to get into the games. He refused. Remember they changed their minds and brought him back onto the feild in a limo after fans complained? Why should he pay to WORK those games? In my opinion when Pete is gone it will be a sad end to an era in Ti-Cat history.


In all seriousness, when Paul retires from this role, are there plans for a replacement?

Nobody could replace him!

I bet if Batman was asked to take the job he would refuse. You have to be really brave to hold your head up as high as Pete does when the Cats are having a bad season. The fans are so ungrateful but Pete dosen't hang his head down in shame. Really dosen't he represent what Tiger Cat football is all about, loyalty despite all odds?