Fire Oshea

Fire Oshea

Haha dont know why people are always so hard on you. Hilarious

He's very close to being canned.....

The GM went and got another QB..its up to the coach to play him.... Maybe is better than Brohm..hands down

I will say I'm not going to miss that stupid look on his have to wonder what's going thru his head at times.

Nichols will start next week. This will make Hugh difference as well as home team and hungry fans.
Wouldn't surprise me if bombers win.

LOL ... Nichols is going to start a week after arriving Winnipeg in a Marcel Bellefeuille offense that hasn't been able to keep its QBs healthy at all? Don't expect great things.

still think Oshea has a good football mind.

Get Willy back and clean up the penalty trouble and i think WPG can still be a force. Would really like to see them get back on track with the Cup in their backyard.

coming from a Riders fan

It would surprise me !

Willy's overrated

Yep. Can't see o'shea on the sidelines next year.