Fire Orlando Steinaur Immediately

The passes for 20 + yards when the team needed less than 5 yards? I don't get it. That seems to be the default rather than the exception. And the sideline passes instead of slants.

I think a better coached team wins that game.

But the mystery to me is why we don't seem to have the receiving corps to match the play book. Is Condel not getting the right players for his plays? I think he still needs a Fantuz or a Tasker.


Starting to think its more the "higher management" ! Now don't get me wrong I think Condel should have been gone after last years Grey Cup! And the DC..? I am not to confident in!

But how many head coaches do we go through? Starting to think its either GM's or even Mitchell's fault! I feel like this management only puts enough money into certain players to just make it to the playoffs, and taking advantage of a terrible east division.

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2 trips to the Grey Cup; not shabby!


But, isn't it the ultimate goal of EVERY competitive team to win a Championship? Believe me, if you don't make the playoffs, get bounced in the DSF, lose the DF, or lose the GC, the players, coaches, training staff, etc see it as a failure.
In the last 10 years the team has failed to win the GC four times. Ask all the Buffalo Bills players and coaches if they felt they were successful after losing 4 Super Bowls in a row.

I guess some people have never played competitive sports, because I guarantee you that that mindset is at the forfront of EVERY player in the League.

Tim White is among the top receivers in the CFL as to receiving yards, catches, and touchdowns. The little receiver is having a big year. Yes, I would have given the ball to Wes Hills.


Good post.

For the long passes for short yardage, I think sometimes OCs get too cute about misdirecting defenses. Yes, it is good to show different looks so that the D can't swarm a spot on the field. Yes, it is good to catch them off-guard with the odd RB or receiver screen. But sometimes you can outsmart yourself. You have a big, bruising back like Hill who is running over Montreal defenders? Feed him the ball. Don't overcomplicate things.

On the receiving corps, I think management thought they could just plug in whoever to replace Banks and others and that hasn't happened. Tim White is phenomenal, but you need a better supporting cast, and probably at least one big slotback in that Fantuz mold who can fight through coverage and win contested catches.


On 2nd-and-1, I don't mind in the least attempting a deep pass. It could be a reception, a DPI, an Offside, an incompletion, or (at worst) an interception. If it's an incompletion, we have Hills to get the 1 yard needed.
Of course, you need a guy that will go up and catch a deep ball in the first place...


I can see the long pass as a good change of pace, but if it falls incomplete, there is going to be a lot of second-guessing, if it's a critical second- or third-down conversion that fails. I agree that it's fine to try it on second and short as a tendency-buster, because you have third down if you need it and you're confident in your RB's ability to pick up the necessary yardage.


It also comes down to physical size and athleticism.
White is 5'10" in heels, and Geno is 6'1" and built like a brick shit house. Who is going to catch more 50/50 passes or out-muscle a defender fo rhte ball?

Hamilton hasn't had a true "posession receiver" since Luke Tasker. Hamilton hasn't had a big physical receiver in FAR too long. See Grant, Bakari and Toliver, Terrence . Or Andy Fantuz, for that matter. Guys with an enormous catch radius.


100% agree with you there. The major deficiency in Hamilton's receiving corps is the absence of that big possession slotback who can fight through a jam at the line and either gain just enough separation to catch the ball or win a jump ball contest with a DB who is likely 3-4" shorter than him. You can't just have burners. You need the second-down conversion guys, who are also frequently the RZ guys.


And this comes down to whoever is making the personnel decisions, which ultimately stop at the Prez of Football Ops, of whom this thread is titled.

Could also be on the co-GMs for not bringing in the right guys for Steinauer and Condell? You know your team a lot better than I do, so I wouldn't presume to say one way or another.

Orlondo actually outranks them. His position of President of Football Operations means that the co-GMs are HIS subordinates, so the buck ultimately ends up with him, and he reports directly to Scott Mitchell (Prez of Hamilton Sports Group); and probably the rest of the ownership group.

This is why firing him is so problematical. It's like Kent Austin or Chris Jones as Prez of Football Ops, GM, and HC all-in-one.

Hamilton employs Khari Jones as a "Football Operations Consultant". I have no idea what that entails, but it's a fancy title. While he is a guy who could step in on a VERY intirum basis, I wouldn't want him a our HC next year.

BTW - both our OC and DC are "Assistant Head Coaches" too. More fancy titles that were bestowed upon them, probably to justify a pay raise. Oddly enough, all these titles and -probable- pay raises occurred AFTER the rumours of Orlondo skipping-out for another NCAA job...

Or, in your case, Jim Popp...

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With the Cats hosting the Grey Cup next year

I can't see them blowing it all up this year .

I would give them another chance to get it right next year with better tools to work with then evaluate what I have after the 23 season .

I can see them get some free agents in the winter and bring depth in all areas including QB .

If they don't push the team to greater heights next year and consistency then blow them up .

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Condell needs to go first.


I agree, we had the lead, just by one point but it made no sense to go for it on third down. The defense did not put pressure on their QB and seldom blitzed, though I am not a fan of the way Cats blitz. (too obvious) Next season will be much the same unless something changes.

Definitely need a different punter.

I'm not familiar with Hamilton's punting situation. Did the punter struggle last night? Has punting been an issue in the season?

Very much so. Until the team re-signed Seth Small, we were at the mercy of Domagala attempting to placekick. I figure we lost three games due in large part to his failures.
he is near the bottom of the league in punting. He cannot aim them, account for the wind conditions, get consistant distance or hang-time, etc. He -may- improve, but do you REALLY want to experiment with a guy that has been that poor when you're hosting the Grey Cup again next year?

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They had ryan and let him i guess