Fire Noel Thorpe!

Si quelqu’un est remplacé parmi les entraîneurs, le “bouc émissaire” sera probablement Tyrell Sutton.


Une chose est sûre : Stanback est pitoyable présentement. Il semble perdu, incapable de changer de direction ( il fonce dans le dos des OLs quand ce n’est pas directement sur Fajardo!), Pas efficace en protection…
Honnêtement, qui comme porteur de ballon #1 dans la ligue est pire que lui présentement?


So it’s Tyrell’s fault that our Oline is lost and confused? Why not LBJ then? Seriously…

How many times have we seen a Thorpe defence lose a lead in the final minutes of a game? TOO MANY EFFIN TIMES!
Thorpe’s defence did it again last night. He is a hack!

I don’t think you can really fault Thorpe for the loss. The offence did nothing for most of the game and that blocked FG was brutal.


They are not to blame for the loss but I have an issue with his inability to stop any second and long, again that has bee a feature with him his entire career and tremendous lack of discipline from his unit as well. Maciocia went and got him Lemon and Sankey as well. He’s been getting support.


Can’t argue that, it’s his Achilles heel. I have no idea why he can’t get a stop in such a favourable situation most of the time.

Hey Thorpe, SECOND AND LONG. What have you got?

Rushing 3…does not work against the BBs.

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And Thorpe’s defence cannot hold a lead at the end!!!

Well they only had to hold the lead for what, 13 seconds?

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