Fire no one!

The easy answer is to fire Taffe. This is the wrong answer. Fact is, we have a young team who is learning to play as a team. Taffe needs to stay until the end of the season and needs to have a 5 win, 4 lose record to keep his job. We have been competitive in most game and if not for a few bad plays we win this game. I mean, we were 2 inches short of the first down and being in field goal range. Stay the course and evaluate at the end of the season. If it is Taffe (and the rest) to go, then it happens immediatly following the last game of the season.

I think blaming and whining of coaches dont get you anywhere! Acheaving and learning from your mistakes gets you better!There is only one thing I find with this regeme is that they play a very boring type of football.This causes more people in the stands who are reckless to lash out more! Lets put our heads up and get better or just quit!

I'm not really sure I understand your postings title..."about not firing anyone and accepting some of the blame."

I get that you don't feel that Taaffe should be fired and it's a young team..yaddey yaddey.

But I as a fan should accept some of the it's my fault this team is drastically under performing? It's my fault that there's poor play fault that Jonta Woodard doesn't even know the snap count after playing on this team for two or three years? That the secondary stays 10 yards back from the receivers so as to watch them catch the ball and make every first down available.

Well...if it leads to the team playing better, then okay...I'll admit, it's all my fault. Sorry guys.

who cares about firing, lets make the season fun.

-Tell Reebok to go to hell, and wear throwback jerseys for the rest of the season.

-Install a wildcar formation, and allow Cauley and Tre Smith to lineup in the shotgun and throw passes.

-Blitz on every play, allow the down linemen to rush the qb and not worry about lanes.

-allow players to take cheapshots and roughness penalties.

-i wanna see blood, sweat, tears.

Blitz on every play, allow the down linemen to rush the qb and not worry about lanes.
8) With this D line, I still don't think we could get to the QB. :wink:

Fire Wallace, too! LOL.
No wait, he’s actually accepting blame for the team’s performance. Let’s keep him and fire the underperforming losers who don’t understand Canadian Football and are costing the team victories week after week…

This what I mean! We can fire as much people as we want but it wont get us better! If you dont perform here ,you dont desearve to wear black and gold! Its thats simple and they should quit and we will hire some winners!