Fire Mike Working!!

Ok this guy obviously does not know how to run an offence. Again jesse only touched the ball 7 times, I know the O line played horrible but still pound the ball to tire the defence and eventually he will break one. I have been quiet about this all season but enough is enough, stupid play calls on almost every possesion! second and 2 and always throw, come on have a little faith in the run game expecially with a guy who can carry deffenders for two yards. It is easy to blame jason Mass or the o line for that matter but the offensive coordinater needs to take the blame for being the one who cant seem to get this offence going. I am a die hard fan who even called in sick from work just so i would'nt miss the game and again I come away extremely dissapointed. I guarentee I could move that offence and I hav'nt coached any higher than high school and defence for that matter but my god am I pissed right now. How about we get rid of our whole coaching staff and start fresh for the second half of the season, someone has to take the blame!

Ok I think my rant is done.


Jesse has an injured shoulder.....

So who should we fire?

:roll: OK lets just keep firing everybody, that is one of our big problems the REVOLVING DOOR HAS TO STOP. What we need is a top o line.....

I agree we need a much better O line but we also need the right play calls for that O line and offence to be effective, and i do hate the fact that the last couple of seasons it has been a revolving door, but eventually we will find a fit.