Fire McAdoo?

Let's be honest, if we hadn't built large leads in our last 3 games, we'd probably be sitting at 4-4, and I believe a lot of it has to do with the offence. We've score an impressive 12 points over the last 3 second halves. It's the defence that's keeping us in and bailing us out.

It's to early to fire anybody, I think we need time for the offence to gel were 7-1 no need to panic.

Good point. At 7-1, there's no need to hit the panic button. But there's an old saying that winning hides flaws. I think our 7-1 record is hiding some of our offensive flaws. McAdoo needs to step it up and start making halftime adjustments. We can't keep relying on big first half leads.

Any Football fan worth their weight would realize McAdoo is a major cause for concern. But this thread is ridiculous at suggesting firing an OC at 7-1. Could you imagine how the confidence and chemistry in the locker room and field would be shattered? It takes an even greater football fan to realize that. Firing anybody shouldnt even be thought about at this point. SMH

We now sit at 7-3, and we've gone 5 weeks where we haven't been able to score more than 6 offensive points. In 4 of those games we only put up 3 points. McAdoo needs to go, and this team needs to gain a sense of urgency.

The guy definitely needs to look hard at second half adjustments (of course you don't look too hard when you are scoring in the first half)

Just finished watching the Stamps beat the EE for a third time ...... you have a ton of film on how NOT to beat them. Time to find some answers Mr McAdoo. The road to the Cup WILL go through Calgary.

Thank you.

Not yet, yes the road to the Grey Cup is going to go through Calgary . I'm not so sure the problem is Macadoo as much as it might be personnel our O-line is a project in the making it is the key to winning in the CFL nothing hides more flaws on a QB then a good O-line, look at Bo Levi I really don't think he is that good but his O-line makes him good it will take a couple of years to get there.
We might be looking at a making a couple of trades two come to mind Fred stamps and JC Sherrit to guys that have a lot of clout right now we might be able to speed up the process .
First year for MacAdoo we need to give him some time to get used to the new coaching staff and players . I will wait to see how the team does against the Riders and Lions to see where we stand in this division. But the future looks bright for us . :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

We will never be able to get talent if we keep firing good personnel because they have a few bad games nobody will come here. We've made so many coaching changes the last few years time to settle down and let these guys grow together.

Je ne suis pas certain que de congédier McAdoo maintenant aiderait vraiment les Eskimos.

Premièrement, on le congédie pour le remplacer par qui? Quel entraîneur de qualité qui connaît le football de la LCF serait actuellement disponible pour prendre le relais et avoir de meilleurs résultats que McAdoo? Avec tout le respect que j'ai pour Jarious Jackson, je ne le vois pas maintenant dessiner et conduire une attaque.

Deuxièmement, il reste 8 parties à la saison et les Eskimos sont amplement dans la course, avec Durant et Lulay qui sont tombés au combat et qui ne reviendront probablement pas. Les Eskimos sont donc dans une excellente position pour faire une sérieuse compétition aux Stampeders.

Les Alouettes ont congédié Rick Worman (ils n'auraient jamais dû l'engager) durant le camp d'entraînement, et on a vu tous les problèmes que ça leur a causé. Ils commencent à ressembler à une équipe de football, et ça, surtout parce qu'il sont allés chercher 2 nouveaux entraîneurs (Schnoert et Garcia) pour aider Dinwiddie.

Ce n'est pas tout de congédier quelqu'un. Il faut que celui qui remplace celui qui part fasse progresser l'équipe. Ça ne se fait pas en 2 semaines. Je crois que le retour de Stamps en santé va donner un bon coup de main aux Eskimos.

Je ne le souhaite pas, mais il est probable qu'Edmonton se retrouve avec une fiche de 8-3 ce soir et bien des critiques se seront apaisées. Les Alouettes ont une bonne défensive, aussi une bonne prestation offensive contre eux donnerait une meilleure idée de la vraie valeur de cette attaque.