Fire Matthews right now!

Matthews is the new Rod Rust of 2001. Welcome to the great meltdown of 2006. Show the Als brass how you feel, do not buy tickets for the playoff games. Send a message... When 15000 people show up for the Als first round playoff loss, they will make changes!

Well firing Matthews would get Greene cut by Montreal and I want him back in Sask so firing Matthews is a good idea to me. He's the only reason Greene is with you guys.

Even though it's not Matthews' fault that your o-line has grew inept, your transparent secondary is picked apart easily by strong passing QBs (Dickenson, Burris, Allen), and your rushing game has disappeared from the face of the earth. Fire him anyways though that'll fix everything!

I am not sure about you guys but last time i checked he just lost his winningest coach status in the lost last night Wally Buono whos lions won the game. and has much as i hate matthews he is a good coach and his entire has fallen apart right now. Coachs can only do so much. the team needs to play good football again

I don't think you can fire Matthews. The O-line was absolutely brutal last night, the secondary was missing coverage assignments all game long, and at key times, our receivers were coming up short.

give it a rest Indy

I agree with ro1313. There's a fine line between being passionate and just plain nasty. You may be on the verge of crossing it, Indy.

I believe in Matthews. At times, we seemed lost last season. And we still got into double overtime in the Grey Cup game.

Calvillo wasn't bad last game. But honestly, just how much can you do when you are sacked a whooping 12 times. And some of those sacks came when the Lions were not even blitzing. When your five protectors won't block four oncoming guys, thers a serious problem. This must be Uzuma Okeke's worst season of his career.

  1. it's not Matthews fault if the O-line collapsed
  2. AC had an OK game except for that interception
  3. If you fire Matthews, who would you name as AL's coach? There are not many good CFL coaches free in the league.
  4. IndyDan is a real [auto-moderated]

I don't know where you found your stats but Matthews is still in the lead for coaching wins, regular and post season.. Buono is still number 2.

Using stats from the CFL up to and including the last game, Matthews has 230 regular season wins, 248 wins total including post season. Buono's numbers are 197 and 213 respectively. It's important to note that Matthews does have 4 more seasons of coaching under his belt while Wally does have an higher overall winning percentage.

If I had to chose between the two for the title of 'Better Coach", Wally Buono wins hands down!

On those points...

  1. The O-Line collapsing does extend beyond the coach although I believe that he can help remedy it somewhat more by taking away some of Cavillo's freedoms or responsibilities (depending on how you view it) and allowing the O.C to have more legitimate input, game planning etc... Or, stress to A.C. the need to be patient and develop a more creative and balanced offensive game plan.

  2. Okay games do not win championships.

  3. Firing a coach at this point will likely do nothing. It failed to deliver results in 2001 with Rod Rust/Jim Popp and hasn't worked well in Hamilton. The coach needs to change his methodology somewhat.

  4. I haven't been here long enough to comment one way or the other...

If Buono's so great, how come he couldn't prevent the Lions' late-season collapse in 2005? (1-6 and beaten in the playoffs)

Every team can experience a collapse once in awhile, particularly ones loaded with talent and ego. Injuries didn't help and I believe that the 'quarterback contoversy' caused far more internal problems than anyone would be willing to publicly admit. Buono made the necessary changes this year and things have turned around. Now, he just needs to hold the team together for the rest of the year. I also think that he is more open to learning from his past mistakes (i.e. Dickenson over Printers in the 2004 Cup). He may not admit it in public, but he does seem to learn (perhaps that will change as he gets older :slight_smile:

The thing with Buono (winning percentage aside), he has built competitve, winning teams (has a particular talent for grooming great quarterbacks) in the two towns he's coached/GMed in. Matthews is still a good coach, but seemingly leads an already competitive team to the Grey Cup, inevitably dismantles it, alienates fans and some players and is then fired.

Still on the coaching front, Tom Higgins seems to be developing into a very good, all round coach. Why do you think?

Just out of curiosity, how do you tell a QB that was ran over more often in one night than a veteran prostitute to be more patient?

Patience comes in many forms. With Cavillo, he seems to be looking too deep too often, looking for bigger gains and quicker scores. One reason why I like Danny McManus - a pocket passer with little or no srambling ability who played behind an often porous o-line is that he has no problem with short, quick dump passes. It may only result in a few yards (and is not nearly as exciting) but it moved the ball and field position is extremely important. Doing that (being patient) allowed for the deeper passes to open up. It also gives the receivers more opportunity to showcase their skills with ‘yards after the catch’. Use Edwards, Diedrick, Lapointe and Vilimek more with the run, screens, maybe a shuttle pass here and there… keep the defense on their toes and guessing. Right now, the Als and Cavillo are too predictable and unimaginative (unlike their special teams play)

Every past Alouette’s success came from a strong running game and patient passing (look at B.C. and Calgary now). They’ve abandoned it. Since Cavillo calls the plays, he needs to make the proper adjustments. If he can do that, it could start a domino effect where eveything falls back in to place.

Nice answer. Thanks. I like your approach.

you're most welcome. Let's hope the Als return to their old form against Winnipeg this weekend!

This whole discussion reminds me of the Grey Cup game last year. The Als were okay but struggled somewhat until they gave Eric Lapointe the ball. His running ended up opening so many other plays and options to the point of almost taking the Cup back home. I can't figure out why Cavillo and Matthews have forgotten their own recent history...

If the Al's where to Fire Mathews
He'll End up in Hamilton .
He will Haunt The Al's next Season

I Grantee

But I am hoping Charle Taff in Hamilton.
so Please don't

Don Matthews has a tendency to haunt the other teams for a season (perhaps two) before he turns around and begins haunts his own team! :wink:

I would be very surprised to see Taff in Ham.
He is making more money as a college coach than as a CFL head Coach. Its why he left the Als in the first place

Hamilton say hello to

Danny "BRO" Maciocia