Fire Mark Washington

This complete imbecile continues to only rush 3 on a MUST STOP play.
This incompetence has lost us two games in a row.
Of course, if our kicker was pro-level and actually performed his ONE job, that FG would have tied the game.

The defence played great for 3 quarters and only gave up 5 points. For some reason they got unraveled right after the bogus Roughing The Passer call. Washington needs the defence to tighten up in the 4th quarter and learn to shut it down when they are in the lead. Two games in a row now the defence gave up a decent 4th quarter lead.

The players played well.
The players were NOT put in a position to win.
Two games in a row were determined by plays in which that brain-dead moron ordered a play with rushing only 3 linemen in a crucial third-down situation.

Who will handle kickoffs if his only job is to kick FGs?

I thought the team played well and were a roughing the passer call away from an easy victory.

That's an interesting point. I can't remember the last time we only rushed three linemen and made it work. Four is the norm for us but in the forth quarter we're usually throwing the kitchen sink at whoever's trying to move the ball. Richie Hall likes to keep QB's running for their lives. :smiley: :+1:

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All our coaches need to reflect on their philosophy of “playing not to lose” rather than “playing to win”.

Go for the damn touchdown when you know a field goal won’t seal the win. And if aggressive defence works for you all game, stick with it in the damn fourth quarter!

Note: by “all our coaches” I mean our head coach.

(At least Reinebold took a chance on a fake punt.)

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Agree with this. The playcaling was too conservative when the Cats were 1st and goal on the 9 yard line. A nice easy slant route to Addison underneath the Argos goal post would have sealed the victory.

Same thing on defence. Mark Washington seems to go into a prevent defence way too early. Instead he should keep up the pressure and even dial it up.