Fire Mark Washington - 2024 Edition

Completely hypothetical situation but I could see Milo asking Stein and Stein accepting.

Milo isn’t insecure at all and I do believe Stein would do anything to see this organization succeed including come down from the janitors closet to be DC on an interim basis.

But I’m in the camp of Washington not going anywhere anytime soon, even he deserves some latitude with a new HC and new players.


I agree with what you are saying. With Orlondo as pres., could he not work with Washington to improve the D?

Of course he could, and I believe he’s already working with Washington on the D. He did throughout training camp.

When you have a coach of Steins experience you may as well use him in some capacity. If I had to place a bet he’s probably more involved with the D than he is with Hervey and the front office.


Governor Ron DeSantis might be Orlando’s boss :upside_down_face:


Steve Milton should really get to the bottom of this. Is he or is he not helping Washington with the defence this year? Just interview Stein (after he puts away his duster) and I’m sure the “truth” will come out.

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Just try to get him when he’s in between doing the vacuuming and the dishes .

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So commissioner Doug Mitchell is the dad of Scott Mitchell , the Cat executive . The Cats also had Doug Mitchell, the player from Western who played on the OLine from 1967 to 1974 . He played 98 games for the TiCats and had one of the longest kickoffs in CFL history .


I always thought there was only one Doug Mitchell! You are correct sir, though I did some googling.
Interesting fact about Doug Mitchell the father of Scott. He was listed as a tackle, at 6 ft 200 lbs.
That was 1960. Vitamins have really improved over the years!


And when the B-25 Mitchell flies over THF pre-game, there is yet another one. (Kinda like when the Lancaster flew over Ivor Wynne in the Coach Lancaster days).
Now, if we only had Dakota Prukop on our roster.
Validation from above…


Nicely done!


So, anyway, fire Mark Washington.

Paul Lapolice does a 20 minute review of the week one Calgary offense in this video:

While his focus is clearly on the offense, he of course has no choice but to tell us some things about the defense. As I watch through this, all I can think to myself is ‘my gawd that all looked so easy for Calgary’. It’s like they saw what the D was doing, had a little chuckle, ran a guy wide open, and had a little pitch and catch.

After watching this I can’t see how playing D like this will keep any team under 30 points this year.


how long they asked???

Looks like I’ve been wrong about blaming Washington’s zone coverage.
On almost every play LaPo breaks down, the D was in man-coverage.

TSN and the League really needs a Defensive coach to do the same thing for the other side of the ball.

Lapo has done a bunch of segments on D coverage. I’ve watched a few and they’re really interesting. These were all during the preseason and were generic 101 type videos, not breaking down a specific game.

What is Lapo? I think I am missing out on some secret or something. :laughing:

Paul LaPolice = Lapo

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I just watched the above video and had my Doh! moment.

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So let’s just pink slip Washington and get Lapo in here to run our defense then , honestly can it be any worse ?