Fire Mark Washington - 2024 Edition

That looks quite a bit better.

Need to see if anyone stubs their toe at practice this week first.


Yup. Fanbase just needs to have some patience. Hard to change what the previous regime did over night.


At this point I don’t think we know enough about him. He was db coach in Edmonton the last two seasons but that’s as far as his coaching experience goes. Maybe he picked up some pointers from Chris Jones along the way although the Elks didn’t have a strong secondary. Always liked him as a player. Played for Milo in 2012 but got cut the following year and Cats picked him up. Finished his career though with the Argos in 2015-16 so there is obviously history there with the HC.

Michael Fletcher is the linebacker coach this year and he had a couple of years in the NCAA but this is his first CFL gig. Again, solid player in this league but don’t think he’s ready for the main gig.

I mentioned Young as he was d-coordinator with the Argos in 2021, although they moved him aside later in the year to bring in Chris Jones as a ‘consultant’. Has a few more years coaching experience going back to 2016 in the league. Played from ‘93-‘05 between the NFL and CFL.

Really unless no progress is being made after the first third of the season, I doubt Milanovich brings the axe. But if there is a year to do it, this is the year with a lot of new players, no home Grey Cup and lower fan expectations. See how one of the other 3 handles the unit and if it isn’t working bring in somebody new for 2025.


The team had some great defensive personel when he took over in 2019 so it probably took him a year to wreck it.


There’s a pattern I notice with Washington’s devensive game plans.

He will go three or four games with his soft prevent style defense with the DBs playing 10 yards off the recievers.

It seems that when pressure from the fans, media or maybe internally to do something about the defence, Washington will put in an aggressive in your face plan for the BDs and they will have a great game.

Then for some reason, he goes right back to his prevent defense the next three or four games and the cycle repeats.

Condell seemed to do the same thing with the offence when he was here. Ignore the run game for a few games,then go with a great game with a lot of running. Next game, back to all passing and little production.

Condell was eventually fired, now its Washington’s turn.


Make Orlondo President/DC?


Now, that’s funny. :smile: :+1:

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I don’t remember hearing too many complaints about Orlondo’s defences under the Austin regime.


Exactly! Eat a slice of humble pie to help the team!


Orlando would be Scott’s boss. Who would then be Orlando’s boss.

Scott Mitchell is still Orlondo’s boss. No issue there

If anybody caught the Argos vs Lions game tonight, the Argos demonstrated how to properly protect a lead late in the 4th quarter.

The Cats in recent years have given up large late game leads because they go into “prevent” mode. It hasn’t worked. The opponent usually claws their back into the game.

The Argos on the other hand sent ferocious pressure from their D-Line and repeatedly knocked Vernon Adams on his ass. The Argos did not sit back and let Adams carve up their secondary.

Hopefully Washington watched this game and learns something from it.


Washington may have watched this game but I doubt he was taking notes from it . I honestly am getting sick of watching other teams playing effective defensive football and then watching us play Three Stooges like football because of Mark Washington and his pee wee football style schemes and ineptness .


If Washington was fired would Orlando step in as DC in an interim role?
Orlando was a coach under Milanovich in Toronto in 2012 and they seem to be good friends.
Stranger things have happened?


The Fire Mark does make me LOL.

I know folks are tired of him but he would not get re-hired just to be fired at minimum before the seasons half way point after a bushel full of losses.

Look at the bright side. Mark’s defensive group was the only unit to not have a too many men infraction.

BOLD prediction, Ticats D unit will be above league average by the playoffs.

I wish we had a pass rush like Toronto.


Wouldn’t mind Steinauer taking over as DC at all. He was a far better DC than he was ever a HC.


That’s what we said about last years team.

So we grabbed 2 of their D-Linemen as FAs.

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One would think that no Head Coach in football would put-up with a DC who is already two rungs higher on the ladder than him - and whom he outright REPLACED as HC…

After watching Game 1, the Argos look like they upgraded.