Fire Mark Washington - 2024 Edition

This has been going on for over 2 seasons now.

The man is incompetent.

How he continues to “earn” a paycheque is beyond me.

I think we actually had a better Defence with Jerry Glanville…


You can’t say he hasn’t been sending pressure, though. I know Cats fans weren’t happy with his prevent defence. Right now, he’s sending the house but Maier is finding the open receiver on the hot read.

Brand-new LB corps and no real playmakers = Hamilton’s defensive issues


Sorry, but it’s been the exact same thing for three seasons. No matter the personnel on the field.

What’s the lowest common denominator here?


That Calgary TD in the first half where the receiver skied up for the ball with THREE Hamilton defenders in the vicinity – I can’t see how that’s Washington’s fault. One of those DBs needs to make a g-damn play.


Explain the second TD or every other reception for Calgary.
We seem to have ONE DB who’s worth his salt, and he plays Safety.

That’s what I mean. I think personnel are generally lacking on defence. Your safety is awesome but he can’t be everywhere and do everything.


We have veterans in the backfield. Kenny G has no excuse. I have yet to see a pass defended by the Corners or DHBs.

Some of it is personnel, but even with the massive turnover over the years, the same symptoms persist.

That’s fair. It may also not reflect well on Hamilton’s scouting, but if the common denominator is Washington, then at some point he has to be accountable.

Having said that, the season is long and this is one road game.

I’ll sign the petition.


Washington is just the frontman. Casey Creehan is pulling the strings behind the scenes, I swear.


It was the same in BC when he was their DC.


I don’t know if this is a Washington thing or not but something I noticed tonight is that our players were playing 15-20 yards back on most players giving the CGY players up to 10 yards of free yards for catches sometimes more yards.


Are you referring to this season, or last, or the one before that, or the one before that, or the one before the covid year off?


New personnel every year, and the same results.
What’s the lowest common denominator?

I wish I had a suggestion for a new DC internally, except for possibly Glen Young, the D-Line coach. I don’t know of many unemployed DCs with CFL experience that could step in.

All three position groups fared poorly last night - Not a lot of pressure from the D-Line as the game wore on, the LBs were essentially invisible, and I don’t know if I can accurately rate the DBs due to the ridiculous zone they seemed to be playing all night.

Again, I can’t see the logic of constantly leaving a 7-12-yard area of undefended turf that allows our opponents to march up the field at will. I thought the team was making an effort to get bigger, longer, and more physical in the secondary…


Ya it was always caught by a wide open guy and then Woods or whoever flying in from way off screen and full speed to make a tackle.


Trevor Harris will make them look even worse if they keep that up. Those underneath routes are his bread and butter.


The flip side is that Harris has 0 escapability, tends to tank if he’s hit early in a game, and doesn’t have the arm anymore to throw deep balls consistently well.


That would require the D-Line getting pressure, which they didn’t last night.


He’s better than Maier

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IMO that is debatable, but we’ll see how the season plays out.