Fire Marcel Now!!!!

I'd have to agree with keeping Marcel on. It's his first full year on the job. He hasn't done the greatest job, but he has made some good moves, most notably the Printers signing. But there is still more to be done so I look forward to a good offseason. I think it'll be a lot easier to attract free agents this year considering some of the talented players we now have on the team. And I'm hoping we land like 3 big fish from the free agent pool, not just one.

Defense Rules, it will be one of many!!

[quote="ronfromtigertown"]Marcel is not a football guy.


Is this you Lancaster? Ha ha! I doubt Montreal would have had that string of Grey Cup appearances without the insight of Mr Desjardins. I hear through the grapevine that Mr Popp leaned on Desjardins for a great deal of football related issues.

You can't convince me that a man
with as huge an ego as Jim Popp,

who deems himself capable of taking
on the duties of Team Vice President,

General Manager, Head Coach,
Director of Football Operations
and Director of Player Personnel

would lean on Marcel Desjardins or anybody
else in football related matters.

Popp coached at the collegiate level for five seasons:
The Citadel (1988-90) under Charlie Taaffe;
North Carolina (1987) under Dick Crum;
and Michigan State (1986) under George Perles.

He played college football for three seasons
at Michigan State (1983-85) under Perles,
as a wide receiver and defensive back.

Popp’s position coaches at Michigan State were
Nick Saban (head coach at University of Alabama

and former head coach of the Miami Dolphins)

and Charlie Baggett (former assistant head
coach of the Miami Dolphins and now
at the University of Washington].

it is unfair to blame your best receiver [flick]when you need to rebuild your your best young olineman[smith]ditto .letting butler go[dont be fooled by media releases]when you dont have an experienced a starting qb for a 3rd string your allstar db for the rights to an unproven qb releasing abraim and kornegay[both able to play for the7and4 riders]letting pederson go[leading receiver on edmonton] trading a quality backup lb and special team player+a draft pickfor an unproven db who could not even dress for the eskimos.iwish i was making this stuff up.there is one common thread to these moves .SALARY DUMP!

tripod I think you missed the boat on the salary dump discussion. That was the off-season when we let a bunch of vets go and brought in a million rookies. Plus, the Cats just spent a monster amount of cash to get Printers here.

And I do believe what is upsetting people is the salary dumps were all pre-season and we sat and sat and sat with all our cheap rookies until the printers signing.
With the hindsight of massive amounts of room under the cap I believe people were/are upset that moves on proven veterans ( more expensive ) were not made at all as of yet.
The feeling is the team has been allowed to wallow in this misery but its okay as we are massively under the cap.

Now that it's been brought up, why did we have so much cap room before the Printers signing? Is Bob feeling it in the pocket now? Is the cash not pouring in anymore, so now he has to cut down on the salaries to make money?

I'd like to bring this up because the last owners went on the cheap when things got bad. They started cutting corners and that only made things a million times worse and finally the league had to take over the team.