Fire Marcel Now!!!!

Marcel has screwed up this team right from the start bye getting rid of players like Flick and wayne Smith and getting zero in return,then he cuts two proven leaders and veterans who could have helped this team Morreale and hitchcock,these two have not been replaced our safety gets burned every single game and we have no inside receiver who can hold onto the ball in traffic.Ralph brock is a embarrassement of a professional reciever,yes he is fast,so what he cannot catch the ball and demoralizes his team every game.Our o-line has gotten worse and worse without suffering any major injuries,how can that happen?Marcell deserves to be fired immediately for creating this mess on the field and destroying any goodwill that Bob Young has created to his fans!!!!!!!!


I agree. Fire everyone in the football side of the organization right this minute.

The team has issues. This is not news. That fact Butler did not impress in training camp was not a foreseeable thing, IMHO. Understand there were virtually NO QBs available as FAs, so the decision was made to trade for Butler, getting Rempel and Kordic as the draft picks from the Riders plus the rights to QB Bret Meyer.

Did we win that trade? I don't think so.

He brings in Moreno -- a stonable offense???

Lands Casey Printers and trades Maas...check.

Recruits Nick Setta.

Drafts Bauman, Bekasiak, Reid, Ince...rookies yes, but future solid regulars down the road.

Signs McKay-Loescher.

Acquires Armstead after the under-used/misused Corey Holmes is dealt.


Will Marcel be evaluated at the end of the season? You bet. If he is replaced, it will likely be with Dan Rambo. My guess is that on balance, he's safe as long as the team starts to become competitive week in, week out by the end of the season.

1-10 with this group is LIGHT YEARS ahead of last year. It is Ripley's Believe It Or Nottable, but I digress.

Do people think before they type around here?

Are they going to be firing Tillman and Austin in Saskabush? They have had two horrible weeks in a row. Get rid of them RIGHT NOW!!

Do I hate the fact that we are 1-10? You better believe it. It is extremely frustrating to watch this team but I am also realistic that things will not turn on a dime. It takes time to build a winner and I hope that is what is going on here. Give Marcel some time. Things are going to get better.

no they dont, some people just dont know football and want to see W's.. its frustrading yes but ppl plz b smart!

Mr. Desjardins had a good apprenticeship, shows passion, and has shown commitment to his job. I think many of us have walked into a new job and been left to clean up someone else’s mess, it does take time. I believe a strong case could be made for what the positive long term consequence of the decisions made since January will be, and I think a few on here just need to hold their water a bit.

Hiring good people is always an investment, and like any good HR investment plan you need to manage it intensely and be patient with an eye to the future benefit…just my two cents.

Go Cats

I agree... whiners should get off the board.

He's a bit of dweeb. I think he's made some goofy decisions. He's still trying to build an OLine and a defensive backfield. He cleaned house and that's what was needed.

Flick...who cares he's having a good season with a very good offense. He would have done nothing here

Morreale and one else wanted them

Eventually people are going to play themselves out of their position. Brock Ralph is one.

I think they have more worries about coaching staff than players.

No question this team is disgusting. If he doesn't make some moves for immediate improvement whether it's players or coaching staff he'll be gone you don't need to call for his head. It's already on a platter. Let the man finish out the year and reassess

Fire Desjardins and you have to start yet again with a new GM. It keeps you in an endless loop of Year One Rebuilding Phase, which no one wants.

We`re young . I can live with that , I just want him to get us some recievers who are young but who can make the odd play and entertain us !!!!

What you guys need is a solid possession receiver who can make that tough catch in traffic on second and long. Someone Printers can rely on to pick up that first down. Someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS to run an 8-yard pattern when you need 8 yards for the down, not a 5-yard pattern, and who is capable of breaking his route to help his QB when the other team is blitzing.

Oki-oui-oui couldn't have said it better. This guy is probably the brightest young mind in football today. I strongly doubt that he would've left Montreal to take this job if they weren't ready to give him time to retool the team. I strongly disagree with everyone who says that he has made some terrible moves. I like many of the moves he has made. Obviously he is not happy with the results so far either but I prefer this team to the one we had on paper last year. It takes time to build a championship team and I don't buy what one person once said on CBC that this is the CFL and you can turn it around in a year. This is false. You can if your goal is to win a championship and that's it. But what we see in Hamilton right now is a management group and an owner that are committed to being competitive year in and year out. It is going to happen in Hamilton and I just hope that Marcel will be around to see the fruits of his labor. I've had the privilege to speak to him on many occasions at camp and after games at IWS and he always takes the time to speak to the fans unlike others who duck out the front way to avoid us. He is passionate about his work and very knowledgeable about football.

We need to remember that firing everyone and starting from scratch is what got us here in the first place. I agree though that something should be done about our coordinators. Marcel, and the other office people are fine. As for the players, we have a solid future with Printers, Williams, Lumsden (if he doesn't defect), Gardner, Moreno, Armour, Loescher and Setta. Yes, we need to improve our secondary.

But to say Marcel has to leave and to totally revamp the coaching staff and trade or release all the players will take us back to square one.

It's hard to be patient, I know. It's been a very painful couple of seasons. But trust me, it will feel extra sweet when we make the Grey Cup in 2009! And the only that will happen is if we keep what we have, and watch it progress.

My question to you is this: Will it be one grey cup or one of a series of many?

This thread is way to premature. My foundation for my arguement lies in the point made earlier of the ticats being in year 1 of rebuilding. As I can see, the general manager is working his hardest on rebuilding this team. We need consistency at these head positions for hopefully better and not worse. With new rookie ownership (not said in a bad way by no means)four years ago, I really believe that we were an exspansion team then. We had a an owner and gm (think it was Katz) with little football background which did not help us. We ALL learnt what happened with the prior ideology.(the signings of all big names) (exciting at the time) We HAVE footballs guys running this ship now. I give it a minumum two years before or at least midway point through next season to see if we are on the right track. I for one and happy to have football in steeltown and will continue to support MY team.

I agreee that there have been some bad transactions, that have weakened the TiCats depth.,there could be money saved and spent on Talent than on a GM position, why not HC,& GM in one person?

Marcel is not a football guy.

He was, to all intents and purposes, mainly
an administrative assistant to a football guy.

Read Marcel`s duties in Montreal
highlighted in brown below
from his Bio on this website.

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario,
Marcel is fluent in French and English,

having attended École St-Philippe in Burlington
and École Secondaire Georges P. Vanier in Hamilton.

Along with his brother Philippe and sister Monique,
the trio grew up as die-hard CFL fans and
regularly attended games at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

No football experience mentioned up to here...hmmm.

Desjardins earned an Honours Bachelor of Commerce
Degree with a specialization in Sports Administration
from Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario.

His experience in the sports industry
prior to joining the CFL office includes

tenures with the Sudbury Wolves
of the Ontario Hockey League
and the Canada Games Council.

During his stint at the CFL (1994-99),

Desjardins was responsible for the coordination
of all player personnel related matters,

including the Canadian college draft
and the CFL evaluation camp.

He also managed the CFL’s daily transactions
and ensured all player contracts submitted
to the CFL for registration

adhered to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

He regularly was in contact with the CFL member clubs,
as well as the player personnel offices of the NFL,
NFL Europe and Arena Football League
with respect to player movement.

With General Manager Jim Popp, Desjardins
was responsible for the smooth day-to-day
management of the football operations side
of the Alouettes.

He was also in charge of contract negotiations, it is

scouting the NFL and NFL Europe training camps,
CIS Football, as well as a number of NCAA bowl games.

I wonder how much time he had for that

He coordinated the team’s training camp
in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu each year.

In 2001 and 2002, he organized the CFL’s evaluation camp
for the 40 top-rated Canadian players eligible for the CFL draft.

Among Desjardins’ day-to-day responsibilities with the Als’
were several salary cap related matters, team travel,
player related administrative issues (insurance, pension,
government documents) and office administration.

He also communicated regularly with the CFL office,
other CFL teams, the CFLPA and player agents.

Let it be noted that Marcel was given
final say on players football guys recommend.

Craig Smith, Mike Mc Carthy and the scouts

and now the absent but looming presence of
Dan Rambo from his home in the Ottawa area.

There will be changes.

As with all these FIRE THIS GUY threads, I'd like to know the answer to one key question:

Who would you hire to replace him?

Someone's got to do it and I have no idea who's out there to do the job. I'm sure people will probably bring up old names like Dave Ritchie or Bob O'Billovich or even Don Matthews.

But really, who's this savious GM you have in mind? I'd like to know.

how someone who is already on the payroll one of the top gms of the mid 80's early 90's Mike McCarthy gm of greycup teams hamilton 1986,1989, toronto 1991 bc 1994/95 also gm of the cats 1996/97

i say keep marcel he is in year 1 of his rebuilding.but i do not like offence coach and defence coach at all i think they should be let go at end of year.