Ron Lancaster has been with this team a long time and has won us a Grey Cup. Now however he is past his prime he is doing nothing but sinking the team. Tell me why a coach that was 1-18 now back behind the bench after being replaced by Marshall. This man has to much pull this offense is the exact same moves that Lancaster won the grey cup with 10 Years ago NEWS FLASH everyone is the league is laughing at us. We are a awful team compared to the 1-17 team at least that year we competed. EVERYONE KNOWS HOW WE PLAY AND IT HAS BEEN THE SAME STUFF SINCE 1989 IF WE DONT MAKE SOME SIGNAFICANT CHANGES I WILL NOT RENEW MY SEASON TICKETS THIS IS AWFUL.

shut up

Not everyone is laughing at us, some (like myself) are only laughing at you.

What's this world coming to? I actually agree with canucklehead...

I agree with the original post. Lancaster has had way too much to say about this team for far too long.

For all you Ronnie lovers, check out the win and lose colum. Pathetic...............


Me too! lol

Locked the thread. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you agree or disagree with it.