Well maybe Walters is the guy if you want to build your team strictly through free agency, But I'd much rather have Hufnagel as my GM.

Right. Don't do ANYTHING rash.

In the offseason the smart thing to do would be to lure a smarter GM from a club that's gotten it right for the umpteenth decade like say... Calgary.

Hufnagel's main assistant GM is Brendan Mahoney.

In his current role, Mahoney is involved in all player-personnel matters including the negotiation of player contracts and free-agent evaluation. He oversees the scouting department and the evaluation of national players from U Sports and international players from the NFL and all other professional leagues as well as the NCAA.

During his time with the team, the Stamps have made six trips to the Grey Cup and won three championships.

If Brendon Mahoney doesn't stoke your interest, try looking at who's working under the OTHER genius GM in this league, Kyle Walters.

Both Danny McManus (Assistant General Manager / Director of U.S. Scouting) and Ted Goveia (Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel) have done an amazing job with Kyle Walters of keeping the Bombers on top of the CFL standings the last three years.

What makes any of you think that Danny Maciocia is the guy you wanna keep?

The 2006 season was not successful for Maciocia and the Eskimos. The team missed the play-offs for the first time in 35 years, ending a record streak for consecutive post-season appearances among North American professional sports teams. Rumours abounded of Maciocia being on the hotseat after the 2006 campaign, but during the off-season he was surprisingly given a promotion. In addition to coach, Maciocia became director of football operations. As a result, he had a high degree control over decisions on player personnel. Despite Maciocia taking more control, the Eskimos finished with an even worse record in 2007 and once again missed the play-offs. He resigned as head coach while continuing on as head of football operations following the end of the 2008 CFL season, where the Eskimos managed to make the playoffs with a 10–8 record, defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the East Semi-Final, and lost the East Final against the Montreal Alouettes.[3] On July 31, 2010, Maciocia was fired by the Eskimos after the first win in a 1-4 start to the 2010 season.

We're all aware of Maciocia's history. As I said earlier, going on what he has done as GM of the Als, there is no basis to fire him ... yet.


Or keep him for that matter.

I'm not the owner but if I had my druthers I'd be poaching a new GM from somewhere else and I'd be letting THAT guy decide whether or not he wants to keep Khari Jones as his coach. I'd also give Khari the option of staying on as an assistant if he wanted to do so.

Sorry for the late comment but seriously. We can do it again and ask if you would rather have Ellingson, Bailey, Wolitarsky, Schoen or Lewis, Wieneke, and White. You get an extra player if you pick the Winnipeg players.

Montreal is far from without talent. I would release Trevor Harris, wish him luck and let the players play.

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As a starter... yes. Harris is not the guy. The ALs need a long-term QB solution that they can build an offense around. Based on what I've seen so far, Danny Maciocia isn't the GM who's going to land the next Anthony Calvillo.

If all else fails I guess there's always the 'Sean Salisbury option' for Montreal. Get a bargain basement guy behind centre and spend the rest of your Cap money on everyone else.

Salisbury was aguably the worst QB in the CFL and we still managed to win the 1988 Grey Cup because the team around him was just ridiculously good.

With the 2 Grey Cup wins I guess you have the right to be smug.

But can you explain again how Walters ''landed" Collaros, let's face it the biggest reason for the wins?

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It was a last minute trade deadline miracle between Kyle Walters and Pinball Clemons. I honestly don't think for a minute that either guy had an inkling of what Zack Collaros would bring to the table for the Bombers. Toronto was going to get rid of Zack anyway after the season and to get something for nothing was only good business. Pinball did the right thing. Walters won the lottery.

A lot of luck was involved.

The only GM in this league who would've intiated such a trade was Kyle Walters. Anyone else would've shut things down and gone into the offseason looking for a new starter. There's something about our GM that mystifies me... is it intuition? I don't know.

You're not living in reality here, friend, with no offense intended. Jones was not Maciocia's hire. Why fire the GM when he didn't even pick the head coach who is currently presiding over the team's 1-3 record? What sane owner would do that without first giving his GM a chance to hire his own guy?

If you're determined to absolve KJ of all responsibility for the team's struggles, I don't think we'll find common ground. Khari Jones in his fourth year as our offensive coordinator and third year as head coach. The offense has regressed badly; Stanback being out is no excuse. That regression is all the more apparent because it's happening with Harris under center too. No longer can we pretend that Vernon Adams is the culprit. Penalties are the purview of the coordinators, certainly, but the buck stops with the head coach.

I see nothing that makes me think Khari Jones can install discipline, improve the offensive playbook, or improve our frankly crippling inability to make halftime adjustments. He has a talented group of players at his disposal IMO. But those players are being consistently underserved by his offense and his lack of attention to detail overall as a head coach. He's a nice guy; I don't wish him any ill. But it's time to move on.


Like, FFS, could we run a few plays where receivers run through each other's routes, thereby forcing defenders to bubble in coverage and opening up space for them to catch passes? Right now the onus is on the receiver every play to beat his man and be perfect to make a catch. It's not sustainable. And it's no surprise that our red zone offense is garbage. In the red zone, there is far less field for the defense to cover, so if you want to have success, your playbook has to have strategies to spring certain receivers.

Correspondingly, our running game is so dull and predictable that it's easy to stop unless Stanback is just willing his way to extra yards, carrying multiple defenders with him.

The offensive coaches are lazy TBH. They rely on players using natural talent to make things happen. This unit could be ELITE if we had a detail-oriented coach, like Trestman, calling the plays.


I'm not comfortable with the whole 'Fire Khari Jones' movement that's afoot. I'm also not comfortable with Danny Maciocia's ability to take the ALs to the next level. Edmonton put up with years of mediocrity from Maciocia's leadership and finally chose to go in another direction.

I want to see CFL football in Montreal to succeed. After that I'd like to see the CFL expand to other markets like Quebec City or Halifax. We can't do that if Eastern teams get so stuck in mediocrity that their dwindling fan bases lash out in frustration.

Sorry about that.

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Look, I'm not a Maciocia cheerleader. I remember as well as anyone what he did in (or to) Edmonton. But when we hired him, I told myself I was going to give him a fair chance and see if he had learned from the debacle in Edmonton. And so far, if I take away bias, I have to admit that he has done a pretty decent job overall. He has made sure we have excellent QB depth, addressed weaknesses on the O-line (got rid of Washington and Foucault), bolstered the defensive line, signed a guy who has been money for us at KR (Worthy), built the team to start not one but two good Canadians at receiver, and brought in a QB coach to take the load off Khari. I think his biggest error so far has been not stocking the cupboard with good American running backs, but who knew that our stud RB would have his season ended in the first quarter of the first game of the year? Antwi has done a capable job and Fletcher looks to have some potential.

The other thing I wanted to mention about discipline and penalties: they have persisted even when the culprits have left the team. Last year, it was Levels and Hunter taking the penalties. This year, it's a different set of players (Watson, Wakefield, etc.). That's a pattern that falls on coaching. Miles and Jones have to bear the responsibility there.

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If that scenario plays out exactly and Danny 'Mediocre' Maciocia assumes both the HC and GM positions then I guess the next few years of football in Montreal will be... (you guys fill in the blank).

During the Trestman era, do you think for one minute Trestman said to himself, "We've got so much talent, just let the players play"? Not on your life. He schemed like a maniac to get guys like Richardson, Cahoon, Watkins, and Green open. He was always adding to the offense.

I remember Calvillo half-jokingly saying at the start of the 2010 season that Trestman had too much time on his hands, because he'd come up with a bunch of extensions and additions to the playbook and the whole offense had more homework to do. :smiley:
Granted, we don't have a Calvillo under center, but both Adams and Harris are good, capable quarterbacks in their own ways. And we have as good a receiving corps and O-line as any in the league. There is no reason why we can't shred teams with this group. But no, Khari has openly admitted that he loves Lewis because he expects Lewis to come down with the ball whenever it's thrown to him. What exactly is Jones doing to make that happen, though? If Lewis is double-covered, we should be making teams pay by using Wieneke, White, Julien-Grant, and Mayala across the whole field. Crosses, slants, curls, and sluggos. Deep ins with extension. Layered crossing patterns in the same direction so the QB has different depths he can target, with the Z receiver running through the pattern in the opposite direction, increasing the chances of someone losing him in coverage. We do none of this.

If you go back and look at the big positive plays this year, I'll bet you anything you'll see that they are made purely by the players and not the scheme the vast majority of the time. In other words, the receiver either has to be perfect and beat his man cleanly to catch a perfectly thrown ball, or else we have to hope the defense makes an unforced error (someone falls down, forgets to bump, or blows coverage). That is not pro coaching.

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That's just his speculation, though. Nothing to indicate that the team is going to fire KJ OR that Maciocia is going to step in (which he has said repeatedly that he won't do).

Things can change.

Fair enough. But I would be surprised if he stepped in as HC. That would be putting himself in the owner's crosshairs and taking away from his ability to fulfill his GM responsibilities.

As I had said on a thread in the Als forum, maybe he has no choice if the owner is looking for something to happen.

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Cliffy D is really just a fan/blogger so hopefully he's just speculating.

But just in case, I'll be making the rounds tonight at a church, mosque, synagogue praying it doesn't happen!

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