More likely they used up the allocation of the number of management/coaching positions allowed.

Just bumping up this thread in case it is needed...
I wasn't impressed by Khari Jones' offence back then, and I am still underwhelmed.

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Poor Drew Willy. He got no respect on this thread. Kavis, Pipkin... it didn't matter. No one was happy with anyone behind centre. I have a question.

Once Khari Jones is run out of town and his replacement has no better luck trying to make do with whoever's behind centre, when will the finger point to the GM? He's the guy who brings in the talent.

Look at the talent around the league at QB position, it's a weak area for QB. Adams was consider better that 1/2 of the QB in the league so normal they go with him and Davis Alexander is a young QB with an interesting profil.


Yeah, seconding ALSfortheCup, I don't think the problem is behind center. I'm not even a huge Trevor Harris fan, but I think he would look a lot better in an offense that played to his strengths.


This offense is full of young fast guys, with a QB like VA, this team should be playing fast, no huddle football. That would sell tickets but they don't have the coach that can build that.

I look around the league and honestly don't see any coaches who could run a dynamic tempo offense with a scrambling QB, using wildcats and the full field. And with the lack of practice time, players wouldn't be able to absorb it. The league is killing itself.


It is time to fire Jones. Last night's game is a testament to that.


This 'Fire Khari Jones' thread has been going on since 2018? Maybe you'd be better off printing all of these posts out to hard copy and dropping them into the suggestion box at Alouette Headquarters in Montreal. 'Technology' might be something they're not very good at.

You jest, but it is my belief that multiple members of the Als sports media scan our forum for story ideas and angles. I have no evidence to back it up, but I've seen too many instances when a "breaking" Als story in the Montreal media just happens to mirror what members here have been saying for weeks prior.

Edit: Also, since you aren't familiar with the nuances of our Als forum, Johnny is in charge of all "FIRE X!" threads. That's just the way we do it. :smiley:


Kinda like 'CFL Celebrity Apprentice' (only without the celebrities). By any chance does Johnny sport a crazy comb-over and use way too much bronzer?

LOL. None of those things to my knowledge. But Johnny has never been afraid to start a "fire!" thread since he's been here.

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So, just out of curiosty, who would all you wanting to fire Jones replace him with?

I have a respectful question for all of those people who do not want Jones fired.

Let's put aside the valid argument that it is never good to fire a head coach during the season. Let's also put aside the question of who will replace him.

The question is, what has Jones done to KEEP his head coaching job? What has he demonstrated consistently that makes you think this team will win? What has he demonstrated with his offensive playbook that gives people hope things will improve.

Please give me an answer(s). It is a serious question.

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My guess is that most people who want to keep Jones will say that we don't have the players to be competitive and that Maciocia should be fired. Which, honestly, seems to amount to little more than dislike of Maciocia based on his past, not on what he's done as Als GM. I am no fan of Danny's, believe me. However, if we set aside the past and analyze what he's done as GM of the team, I don't think he's done a bad job. He hasn't been perfect, of course. But expecting perfection from anyone is unrealistic.

We have a great receiving corps featuring one of the league's top receivers (Lewis). A veteran O-line with one all-star (Rice). A veteran defensive line. Tons of talent at linebacker. A young, inexperienced secondary, yes, but one with playmaking capability. Solid placekicking and punting. And now a dynamic returner in Worthy.

I think we have the horses, despite Stanback's injury, to be better than a 1-3 record. That is just my opinion, of course. But my criticisms of Khari's offensive playbook are not unique to me. Journalists are starting to point it out now.

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Let's see... as a mere assistant coach Khari Jones took over the ALs trainwreck part way through the season before last and helped guide them to a respectable outcome while besting the Bombers in an historic comeback win for the ages.

During that time his gutsy team managed to make the playoffs, stoke interest and put fannies in the seats. After THAT he had to deal with whatever talent or lack thereof his GM Overlord foisted upon him and somehow make it work.

He didn't choose the quarterbacks. He didn't bring in all those selfish dickheads who racked up so many penalties and unfairly earned him the reputation of a poor disciplinarian.

If his GM was Kyle Walters the Montreal Alouettes would be two time Grey Cup champs by now and we wouldn't be seeing this thread. YOU'RE ABOUT TO GET RID OF THE WRONG GUY.

I have to respectfully disagree he is the wrong guy to fire. Maciocia is far from perfect as a GM, but the team is under performing. That is on the head coach.

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Most of what you highlight as positives are from 2019. That was 3 years ago. The team has only regressed since then.

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The quality of Montreal's players have gotten worse since then. That's on your GM. After Khari's gone things won't get any better.

There's no point arguing over that. The results will speak for themselves.

I'll start by saying his playbook is terrible, thought it might be improved in the off-season. And on a lesser note thought he blew it by electing to kickoff in the 2nd half Saturday.

And it appears the penalty issues are also still there.

On the positive side he seems to be a players coach and you haven't really heard anything negative said about him.

Bottom line though, I don't think anything positive can be accomplished by dumping him now. Sometimes you can sense there is an up and coming assistant waiting in the wings who can take over. But that is not the case here. It will just spread an already thin coaching staff even thinner.

I think we just have to ride things out, hope for the best, and let the powers that be clean things up in the off-season.