my apology

Just bumping this up. If Jones calls another game like the first one, this thread will see action.

Trust Johnny on that one! :slight_smile:

Jones is a hack, but sadly, firing him isn't going to change anything unless it's done offseason as part of a total purge that includes Reed, AND we get good new ownership.

Unfortunately, you're right. :frowning:

Are you saying we are beyond a "Courtesy Flush"?


Boy howdy, this low-flow toilet is backed up. Ten or twelve flushes ain't gonna do it.

Stanback only had 9 carries against Edmonton. This offense won't work without a run game (it might not work with a run game!).

Jones has to do better.

Would certainly help OL on pass blocking if DL can't just "pin back their ears".

What the stats don't show is he had 4 carries when Pipkin left the game after 3 quarters!

That is nowhere near enough! >:(

I think Herb thinks they should all be fired.


Come on Al's fans, (my second fav team).

I feel your pain being an Argofan, and Khari "aint" the second coming of Don Matthews,

but Vernon looked OK, and Posey seems to fit, give it a chance...

Me thinks the Ticats are OVERRATED, The Redblacks blew their load in the first game.

The Argo's and Al's are underrated, and going to finish between 1st and 3rd.

Redblacks in the toilet, Ticats in between.

I think we are going to make it, but it will take all year


He won't be fired. But, out of frustration over his play calling tonight, Johnny is bumping this thread.

Be careful for what you wish for though ; I would take him in Ottawa for OC .

I had a feeling Thorpe knew the calls and was on top of the game plan as he saw Adams while with the Als .

Pipkin coming in and raw may have caused a bit of game confusion when they were hyped for Adams who had a strong grasp on the game plan .

Saying that some of the receivers dropped a few passes along the way that may have helped the cause and seemed a bit timid with the Redblacks secondary .

Running the ball more may have helped quite a bit but I think Stanback may have been nursing something not reported .

Pipkin just needs some time to get back in rhythm he has that big arm to throw those long side line throws to the flats and fly routes .

Is that why Adams was on pace to lead the Als to 40+ points ... Thorpe is (IMO) an over-rated DC ... defence l.ooked decent once Pipken was in because he was as rusty as the Tinman when Dorothy met him.

That would be why Johnson and Stone were on the roster.

Playcalling needs to be adjusted to optimize his skills ... just as it seems to have been for Adams.

I swear I read Khari's lips saying" how did they know that "during the broadcast right after that 2 and 1 where they dropped back in pass and were smothered .

Johnson is a beast and should have been used more . I can't believe RB's had Powell and Johnson and are gone . Both gamers .

Yes definitely the game plan changes for the stronger armed Pipkin .

Je sais que l'équipe doit gérer un plafond salarial et c'est plus facile à dire qu'à faire, mais Khari Jones devrait songer à se trouver un coordonnateur offensif, quitte à donner une promotion à l'interne.

I think they spent their cash on Jourdain and Deslauriers.