Yup, it's week 1, and Johnny already wants someone fired!

The last minute of this game (Als@BC), is the worst called CFL final minute Johnny has ever seen.

Are you effin kidding Johnny?! The Als are down by 2 scores. There is a minute left. The Als' offense dinks and dunks 5 yards at a time! FFS, you gotta throw long and aim for the end zone!

Better to lose taking your shots, than to lose being a big kitty cat (read P****). Unbelievable! THis is football 101 folks. You can't score twice in 1 minute by throwing 5 yard passes.


For completely blowing it in the final minute of the game, Khari Jones should be fired. This is incompetence at a level, that is almost undefinable.

Fire Khari Jones!

Drew Willy cannot throw the ball properly. He is a joke and looks like the 3rd string quarterback he is. Kavis Is even more of a bigger joke to think he is starting quarterback material. Its kind of embarrassing actually

Willy trying to boost his stats with low risk passes underneath lol. He can sit back and say he completed 70% of his passes for nearly 300 yards total. Starting QB material!

So the players performed more or less as expected, decent D.. offense that would struggle to put up points.
Some good performances, overall better result than many of the past decade in BC.

What killed me, and can't be very amusing to the players either, is how the play-calling after we went down 22-10 made showed no urgency whatsoever.. no attempt to actually try something to get back in it, I mean at that point there's nothing to lose.

They kick it away on a 3rd & short with about 3 mins left, then when they do get the ball back no attempt at a throw down the field for a big play or penalty.. just dink & dunk and run out the clock. As a player, I see incompetent play-calling like that.. it's like a punch in the gut.

Dude, thats such a ridiculous suggestion to think that Drew Willy was executing Jones or Shermans game plan. that dink and dunk was ALL Drew Willy. What I saw was frustration from the OC, HC and entire defence, the entire second half. What, fire the OC after one game ?, and then do what ?. Khari Jones wasn't a Dink and Dunk QB when he played, why would he want to coach that way?.

If Mike Sherman decides to make a change anytime soon, that might carry some weight, but I actually liked what Jones was doing in the first half, when we should have had more points if Willy was executing better and not throwing the ball at his guys knees.

Even you would have been trying to get the ball downfield, down by twelve, inside two minutes, and you don't even play QB. Iirc, Khari Jones made his reputation as a gunslinger in Winnipeg, and his QBs have been gunslingers everywhere hes been as an offensive coach. I put that one all on Uncle Drew.

Patience sports fans, lets get a QB before we start firing folks. Not having one ?, thats the GM and scouting dept. coming up short, but I'm willing to let "the Process" unfold for a few games. If it was up to you, AC never would have become what he "developed" into, because someone showed a little patience (thank you Rod Rust).

Hamilton started out 0-8 last year. Masoli hits the field, things changed. A competent QB always makes his coaches game plan look better. Johnny Football makes plays with his feet, or a receiver makes a one handed grab, guess what ?, his coaches look better. Its really as simple as that.

Hey DUDE. Listen to this dude. Willy doesn't call his own plays. Khari Jones calls the plays. And if Willy doesn't follow the coach's plan, it is up to the coach to make him execute the plays he wants.

The play calling is on Khari Jones. End of story.

Just for the sake of discussion, are you saying the OCs play calling limited a QB with five receiving options, four of which were downfield, to throw to his RB ?. I respect that, but find it reasonable to disagree with your line of thinking. Btw, I apologize for calling you Dude, if that in fact offends you. I'm here to discuss CFL football, nothing more, nothing less. Having played this game for many years, I respectfully disagree, while recognizing too that I could in fact be mistaken as well.

So, Johnny TiCat Slayer, do you find it unreasonable to think that Drew Willy has some freedom to run a three minute offence that allows him to call his own plays ?. I believe that the game has advanced to the point of any experienced veteran having some leeway and freedom to try to win games. Usually, or should I say, often times, OCs want their QBs to be competent enough to even call some of their own plays.

Having been around this great game every year since 1994, when it expanded into the U.S., I've had the opportunity to study the CFL game up close. Having said that, I don't know of any OC that can turn a weak player into an All star. Serviceable maybe, but winning QBs tend to have a spark that is easy to detect. Drew Willy, in six years, even at his height, has never showed me that spark. What do you see ?.

I didn't call him Drew "Limp" Willy, somebody else on this board felt that way about him... Hmmm ?.

Unless every receiver was running 10 yard out/ins we have no way of knowing what the call was. OCs call plays but QBs execute them.

Unlike suggested, I don't think Willy was just looking for safe passes for stats. It is entirely possible the calls for for long passes and they were either covered (unlikely given the rest of the game), Willy felt he didn't have time to make the throw or Willy panicked when in fact he did have time.

THAT SAID, Willy showed he is at best a passable QB, not on that wins games himself.

Regardless, the protection wasn't there. he probably looked downfield and his guys were covered. he had less than 1.5 seconds to throw most snaps.

Question. How long are you willing to wait? Is 8 games as you make reference the mark for you should the team sputter to an 0-8 or 1-7 start?

Just wondering.

Tony, I think eight or nine games is a realistic time frame for the Als to show some improvement. I think its obvious that Drew isn't a good fit for what we're looking for. As a fan, I don't have any confidence in him, and thats from watching him for years, not one game where he actually exceeded my expectations in the first half. I don't know if its fair to expect Mike Sherman or his OC to roll with what was already commited to before they arrived in town. They didn't bring our QBs with them.

Now whatever is happening in week eight and nine, thats on them. What's your feelings on the subject, I'm curious as well.

JTea - for me 6 games (1/3 of the season). By that point, and possibly sooner, a pretty good indication of how the remainder of the season will play out.

As for Willy being the starter. While Reed did manage to improve the d (on paper anyway) with signings that I never thought he would be able to do. In my opinion, he failed on the offensive side of the ball. In a quarterback driven league, he has Willy as the #1 QB and essentially rookies backing him up. This should have been priority number 1.

I also do not see any improvement so far on the KR/PR and having Logan back there is mind boggling.
I would much rather have someone back there who may not have the experience but can learn as he goes. Logan's better days are far behind him.

I Was thinking the same thing. Throw it to the end zone, hail mary, whatever. Instead we get dink and dunk for 5 yards as the clock expires. Not a smart game plan whatsoever. Chess masters these guys are not!

Kent Austin has prolly moved his status from "indifferent observer" to "B-list candidate" to "on stand-bye" in terms of the Montreal mindset.

At some point, despite the brave talk (Kavis is spectacularly good at that) the panic and fear will set in. Austin has been totally marginalized in Hamilton. Is he totally burned out and just drawing a courtesy cheque from Bob Young? Or does he have anything, anything to correct the Quebec freefall?

Ha! ha! - atta boy, Johnny! I didn't think it would take too long before a "Fire...(insert name here)..." string would get started.

The thing is, with the dysfunction that this team has been through for the last five years, where do you begin?

And the maddening, aggravating, call-your-local-psychiatrist/Valium supplier thing is, that they could still get some Ws with the right play calling and execution!

I just don't know any more with this team.

Thanks Man, you're pretty spot on as far as your assessment. A starting QB and KR/PR, upgrade would definitely help our field position. BC played the entire second half starting a lot of drives with great field position. Logan may still be fast in a straight line, but he can't cut or doesn't make anybody miss. Good stuff Tony.

Hard to win games when you d is on the field for the better part of every game.

A matter of time before injuries and fatigue set in.

Tout à fait d'accord que 6 parties sont suffisantes pour avoir un bon aperçu de l'équipe.

Reed a réussi à amener de bons joueurs défensifs, mais il semble qu'à l'attaque, aucun américain embauché ne soit près de se signaler sauf Eugene Lewis. Il va falloir que les hautes sphères de l'équipe s'interrogent sérieusement sur le recrutement.

Pour ce qui est des unités spéciales, j'ai aimé le travail en général sur les couvertures de bottés, mais pas du tout sur les retours de bottés. Logan et Stone n'ont pas fait de grands gains, mais il faut aussi avouer que leurs bloqueurs ont rendu leur tâche pénible.

Pour ce qui est de Bede, je lui laisserais quelques parties pour s'ajuster. Il est capable de rebondir et on ne doit pas le crucifier immédiatement.

Predictable play calling. Ignores the run game, and has the worst offense in the CFL. This offense is nowhere near being pro level stuff.

Khari Jones has proven he's incompetent. Fire him!!! >:(