This team is an embarrassment!

Chappy and Thorpe were problems. But, it is clear Kavis Reed did not give them the players to go to war with! Reed cannot hide now.

The roster he has put together is a joke! He released SJ Green. He signed a bunch of journeyman, past their prime nationals to play defensive tackle. He has kept a bunch of players, that are too old and past their prime. He has made dumb trades.

He hired JOE MACK! :o

None of it is working. It is time for the Wetenhalls to admit their mistake. Fire Kavis Reed, and beg Ed Hervey to become GM. Then, PROMISE Hervey he has full power to do his job (and hire a HC), without any meddling from the owners.

If they don’t do it, eff this team! Start writing the epitaph and have a tombstone carved.

What a clusterfudge of a pathetic circus this organisation has turned into! >:(

Reed is vermin.
May as well go get him some Lyle Bauer, Mike “Maggot” Kelly, Gary Etcheverry, Jeff Rewindbold, Marcel Bellfeiulle, Brian Dobie, etc. Make it a true maggot-fest!

The firing should not have been Chappy and Thorpe. Kavis was the person responsible for this debacle.

Chappy and Thorpe were the the wrong firing. Kavis is responsible for this debacle.

These stats from today’s game, show just how much the Alouettes were slaughtered! They are even more telling than the score.

Time of possession

Ottawa 41 minutes

Alouettes 19 minutes


Ottawa 421

Alouettes 166

1st downs

Ottawa 45

Alouettes 21

Anyone who signs Drew Willy, that’s a signal to management:out of ideas and desperate.

Wouldn’t be surprised if his next move was the Ferragamo maneuver, as I understand Johnny Cocktail may be available.

I’m not getting near Molson Stadium until Kavis packs his bags.

He fired the best HC we’ve had since Trestman, a francophone at that, and a guy who as recently as a few months ago was in his opinion, the best one for the job.

Time to be accountable Kavis, and resign.

The Green/Woods moves really hurt. These were 2 of the most respected guys in the locker room. I’m not saying Bear would’ve made the results that different, but he was the leader and brain on defense. To cut him on day 2 of camp makes it even more terrible. Green deserved at least a chance to come back, to show well what he’s been showing in TO…

Complete ratio shakeup (Cash swapped for NAT DTs notably) did nothing on offense and took away what our defense was known for, constant pressure. But hey typical GM with no experience trying to do too much.

As bad as my Cats have been this year I’m used to it as there’s been way more bad years then good years when you talk about the Cats . The Alouettes on the other hand have had for the most part been a pretty solid franchise on and off the field since their reincarnation in “96” . Okay maybe not lately , like perhaps the last 4 or 5 seasons but I honestly never thought that the Alouettes could be this bad .
The last time I honestly saw a team as bad as this play in Montreal they were called the Concordes . :-[

If someone would’ve told me before the season started that the Als and Cats would have a combined record of 5 wins and 18 losses at this stage of the season and both would be essentially for all intense and purposes already eliminated from the play-offs with a third of the season still to go , I wouldn’t have believed them . It’s truly sad to see just how far both these clubs have fallen off the map and are basically now considered doormat #1 and doormat #2 in this league . :’(

Kavis Reed looks like he’s lost the team and QB Durant before he even gets started. Durant’s body language and performance pretty well said how he feels about everything. Wally out in BC would probably love to take Durant off the Als hands with Lulay done and Jennings starting to look like a rookie again.
I wonder if Scott Milanovich would come back to Montreal as HC. He has one of his favourite QB’s in place there now in Drew Willy.
Maybe the best thing would be for Hamilton to sign Manziel, trade Collaros to Montreal with Durant going to BC.
Everybody will be happy. :wink:

Collaros has lost his last 12 starts…
Why would Montreal be happy with him?

Maybe the Als could find lightning in a bottle for a second time.
AC came from the Cats with a poor record.

However, Ham was the QB at the time and AC watched and learned.

Today it’s a different situation with Reed as GM/HC. No confidence he would be able to help turn Collaros around and get back on track.

I thought when Collaros started with Hamilton that the Ticats had really got a great QB for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately for them he has been terrible since his big injury a couple of years ago. I would not want the Als anywhere near Collaros.

Then again they do have a good history with Hamilton retread Qbs.

We don’t need Collaros, heck we got Willy.

Right about now, I would take him over the $400k DD who could not hit a barn.


LOL! Yes, Willy the great!

Johnny forgot to mention Woods. What a STUPID decision Reed made, cutting him on day 2 of training camp. >:(

As if this defense couldn’t use him…

In hindsight, Bear is probably happy now that Kavis let him go.

Bear is surely very happy. He is making a bit less money during the regular season, but he is playing for Trestman on a team that will make the playoffs. He will get playoff money; something he would not have got with the Als.

its also a sign this organization is a trainwreck … when you have a Div III college coach as a guess coach at the last game…WTH