Fire June Jones lll

Dressing McDaniel over Sinkfield

Laughable clock management before the half

No hurry up in the 2nd half down 3 scores

Most important, team not even close to being ready to play.

.500 coach. My standards are higher.
See ya.

Yep and he can take his buddy Glanville with him!

Don’t forget…
Fire Mitchell
Fire Tillman
Fire Bob Young
Fire the trainers (they let the injuries occur)
Fire…anyone I’ve missed?

You can’t fire the owner. Just saying.

Jones has to go

He is not the owner he is the caretaker and as far as I know you can fire the caretaker. 8)

Sorry…make him sell the team!?

Since we’re at it…forget about going after a Grey Cup in Hamilton.

Good old Bob will tell us the sun will rise tomorrow so we should not worry.

Why would we not want to host the GC now?

It’s going to be a longgggggg winter is it June Yet!? I can see Orlondo taking over and a total rebuild again unfortunately

We can only hope.

My take on Jones:

Good at the big things: Offensive system, personnel selection (usually), motivating the team (most times).

But bad at the little things: in-game decisions, clock management, challenges, minor adjustments to account for what the other team is doing.

Unfortunately, you kinda need both to win a championship. And it’s hard to imagine him suddenly changing at this point in his career.

Maybe you guys with the skin in the game know it better than some of us outsiders, but I am not sold never have been on Orlando as the HC.
I recall his last year as DC was a disaster, bad schemes and similar to what we have seen from JG today and the last few games of the season.

Well said and good post. Against popular belief I dont hate June Jones. You've just outlined why I think he's a good coach and a bad one at the same time.

I agree with most of this.

Where he gets a huge fail in my opinion is a failure to put together a game plan on both offence & defence to counter Ottawa. That's not a little thing, imo....they played them 3x leading up to this game, ffs & the D looked the same as they did for the last 6 quarters against Ottawa. Same with the O. That tells me they changed nothing to try to counter them. Doing the same stuff isn't working, and that's not a little thing, when a coach refuses to adjust. Same thing which led to Austin's removal.

In Kent Austin we trust!!

Bring him back before the Argos get him. Just no.

Fire him before they get back to Hamilton!

Stupid penalties all season long. He could not discipline the team, that’s lack of leadership. That alone deserves the walking papers.

The frustrating thing is Ottawa has been to the Cup now 3 of 5 years in the league. Won one already. This was a expansion team. We have been the same 500 or less team for as long as I can remember. Been to the Cup 2 times in the past 19 years and have not won one. It seems to me that its fine with management as long as they sell tickets, tickets that are rarely used as the seats are never full. They love to promote the team but do nothing to actually make this team a power house.

Fire the fans?