Fire June Jones / June Jones donated salary to charity

Unless someone can make a case this offense can reconfigure to be relevent again I will listen but..

Right now Jones system has been thoroughly solved. Jones has ample time to change but cant or wont. Far too dependent on too many things to work consistently.

His shorts and flip flop approach to coaching doesnt inspire or command respect from anybody when a direct approch is needed given the teams lackadaisical demeanor on offense. Media loves him but so what?

Since there's no future in Jones pull the plug now and promote Steinauer while a playoff spot is still a reality

Too stubborn.... Pretty sure I've read that somewhere.

If team realizes there was no future in Manziel certainly it's dawning on them theres no future with this system. ..

And if Jones is all about the system ....

If they fire Jones I'd bet money we lose Glanville too tho

Point being?

We may win yet, but short kicking with 1:50 minutes remaining!
I always think of a veteran coach ,what they would do, Ron Lancaster would have booted the kickoff DEEP!!!
For heavens sake!!! Bad call coach!!! insert some language ....Dumb coaching call ffs

We're not losing cause of the defence

An 80 year old coach can't be replaced effectively?

Exactly, u understand my point finally

So, so what if Glanville leaves?


He is gone…the only thing he has done was let Banks play & support Masoli…zero play calling except throwing today’s game with a 60’s short kick with almost 2 minutes left …notice…“this is the CFL not the NFL”…you did your best to lose the game…hey Masoli almost tripped him up.You have a good head coach with Steinauer…looking forward to the next game with J.Jones gone!

More like fire Scott Mitchell.
If you ever met him or seen him in action I am sure you would agree.
He's been screwing up the Cats well before Marcel Bellefeulle was kicked to the curb.

I would make the change. Bring Austin back down until a coach is found, relocate Steinaur to DC and for God's sake get a ST coach. The guy we got now is killing me.

Ba Boom.

Even get us a competent OC

Country club approach does not work

No focus, no intensity, no identity. ..again

Please someone convince me of keeping things the same with this coaching regime

I disn’t like Jones last year ( cost us a playoff spot) and I certainly don’t like what he’s doing this year! Let’s do
“ The Jones?. Oh wait, can I have a tally/vote on that? Majority rules!!!

But the kids love him....

I understand the frustration, but we need to let the coaching staff figure this out. This team is still work in progress. ...