Fire June Jones II

Since he gave his salary to charity the other thread was locked.

When you out coach yourself on a regular basis, you deserve it.

You’re lost.

in fairness there’s a wicked wind inside BC place…

Absolutely moronic…

Funny how all his “experience” is one of his selling points. High Schools have fired for less.

He should be sent home in a taxi. Maybe the most moronic of all of his decisions. Brutal. Complete joke.

Worst game management in recent memory

Since last week's FG down 12.

When your assistants look disgusted there is problems.

Of course, it should be noted that if Hiralahu ( probably screwed that up) had of hit that FG in the first quarter none of Jones otherworldly stupidity would never have been evident…

No matter what Jones is gone as a head coach. The league will have to step in and do something about him trying his hardest to throw the game…it was over with the field and not enough time to score twice…banned from coaching for life in any league!!!

Jones' stupidity has been hidden and overshadowed by wins or other losses where "it wouldn't have mattered anyways".

It's been like this from day one. Difference is it's getting worse. He was getting outcoached. Now he's getting outcoached by his opponent and himself.

First question in post interview should be “So Why aren’t you coaching in the NFL again?”

all on you Jones

Orlondo takes over Monday.

I don’t want anything more than for him to be fired.

Idiot in every sense of the word.

We accept too much mediocrity. Splash real money on actual coaching. Not failed us College

Post game? You expect someone to ask a tough question?

Drew "so coach, how are you feeling"

JJ: "well the kids blah blah blah blah blah"

Drew: you don't regret the Punt do you?

JJ: nah. We discussed it as a staff. We'd do it again.

Drew: thanks June. See you on the plane.

Doddering, out of touch, slow to react to everything.

If media wasn’t so accommodating instead of analysing there could have been progress made.

There won’t be and he won’t change.

If he’s back next year …

Was thinking the same. Let JJ stay on as offensive coordinator but do not let him make any game-on-the-line decisions.

This clown has no idea how to coach in this league. What idiot punts when your in FG range.

There's literally no chance that happens. We signed up for this Jones - Masoli marriage for two years.

Then you'll see change.