[i]Johnny is feeling for you Bomber fans. It's obvious that LaPolice wasn't the only or main problem with your team. When a team loses 52-0, they have given up... It's Mack's fault for destroying the team; and the players know it.

Since Johnny has a lot of experience and expertise in creating and maintaining "FIRE SOMEONE" threads, Johnny thought he would come over and help you guys out.

FIRE MACK :cowboy: [/i]

Yes, let's fire this guy because he clearly isn't qualified :roll:

Mack began his career as a defensive line coach with Villanova University before joining the Blue Bombers in 1984 and winning the Grey Cup in his debut season. Following his time in Winnipeg, Mack headed to Atlanta to begin his NFL career as a National College Scout for the Falcons. After a two-year stint in Georgia, Mack joined the Washington Redskins as their Director of Pro Personnel in 1991. In that role, Mack helped the Redskins to a 14-2 regular season record and the franchise’s third Superbowl victory, defeating the Buffalo Bills 37-24 to capture Super Bowl XXVI.

After six seasons in the U.S. capital, he took the role of Assistant General Manager with the expansion Carolina Panthers in 1994. The Charlotte based NFL club finished their inaugural season with a 7-9 record – the best record for an NFL expansion team in its first year of operation. The following season – just their second in the league – Mack guided the Panthers to the NFC Championship Game before losing to the eventual Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.

In 1998 Mack was appointed by former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue to restart all of the football operations for the reconstituted Cleveland Browns. His role was to establish and manage all football operations for the expansion club, including player personnel, coaching staff selection and the establishment of the medical department, while reporting directly to current NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

Mack left Cleveland in June of 2001 and joined the XFL’s New York Hitmen as their Director of Football Operations. The Hitmen finished their first and only XFL season with a 4-6 record.

Mack received his B.A. in Political Science from Villanova University. He met his wife Kathleen in Winnipeg and they have three kids; Danielle, Colleen and Ben.

Ok, here is Mike Kelly's resume:

Mike Kelly served as the head coach of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in 2009 rebuilding a roster that resulted in five players signing with the National Football League in the option year of their Canadian Football League contract. Kelly coordinated the offense for half of his only season resulting in another Blue Bomber record when Fred Reid rushed for 260 yards against the B.C. Lions surpassing Blaise Bryant‘s old record of 249 yards in a single game set in 1994 against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in Kelly’s first tenure with the Blue Bombers. The Bombers as a team ran for 393 yards in that game against the B.C. Lions in 2009.

Kelly, a former Blue Bombers offensive coordinator, came to Winnipeg with close to 30 years of coaching experience. Kelly was the offensive play-caller with the Blue Bombers between 1992 and 1996, as part of the teams that captured three regular season division titles and appeared in the Grey Cup twice. Kelly’s offence set 29 club records during his tenure in Winnipeg, including Matt Dunigan’s record 713 yards passing in a game.

In 2008 Kelly was the receivers coach for the Edmonton Eskimos. Prior to that, the Waterbury,CT native was a professor of sports management at Drexel University in Philadelphia instructing both undergraduate and graduate courses in coaching and leadership. In 2006-2007 Kelly was recognized by Drexel Universityas he was awarded a ‘Make a Difference Award’ for outstanding mentoring and teaching.

Kelly has five years of NFL experience working as an advanced pro scout for the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles – where he also was an offensive assistant/quality control. During his time with the Eagles, while working alongside one of the NFL’s great coaches Andy Reid, the club won two Eastern Division Championships, while Kelly also coached in the 2003 Pro Bowl.

In 2000, Kelly added the XFL to his extensive coaching resume, where he worked as the offensive coordinator for the Orlando Rage. The Rage went a league best 8-2 during that season, winning the Eastern Division. Kelly’s offence led the league in red zone scoring percentage, with QB Jeff Brohm named First-Team All-XFL.

Kelly was the head coach at Valdosta State University (GA) from 1997-1999. In his three seasons there, Kelly coached 23 players to all-conference honours and had two players earn All-American status. His VSU teams set 13 school records during Kelly’s tenure.

Kelly played quarterback at Bluffton College (OH), and earned his bachelor’s degree in health, physical education and recreation. He later earned a master’s degree in education at Edinboro (PA). In 2002, Kelly was honoured by his alma mater, and inducted into the Bluffton College Hall of Fame. In 1996 Kelly was inducted into the Delaware County (IN) Athletic Hall of Fame as a 1976 graduate of Muncie Northside High School where as a senior he set a school record for passes attempted and completed in a single season.

Resumes are often made to look good! The proof is in the pudding. Mack has failed. Johnny don't give 2 ***** about his resume. :thdn:

Weak attempt at a rebuttal.

[i]Your initial argument is what was weak :roll:

So you think Mack has done a good job?[/i]

I'm with you on this one Johnny. It doesn't matter if Mack's done a fantastic job or a terrible job - - this is now a battle with a line drawn in the sand between Mack and the players. It got going back in the off season when the players showed what little respect they had for him on Twitter.

There's no chance at hugging it out and making everything better. Either Mack gets rid of a good portion of the team, or he has to go. The players know their money is guaranteed now for he rest of the season, doesn't matter if they get cut or not. You tell me how this is going to play out.

Joe Mack: Dead Man Walking

Instead of pointing out what's wrong with the Bombers, maybe all you other east division fans should be pointing out why, with a losing record, lousy QBs, no O-line, lousy D, internal strife, rookie HC, garbage GM and an old stadium, the Bombers can consistently put more fans in the seats. I'm tired of hearing what's wrong and how to fix it from fans of teams that can't even fill their arenas(Mont. excepted due to stadium size). If we were hearing from Sask. or Edm. fans, it wouldn't bother me so much because they have fans that support their teams too. The Bombers didn't receive $500,000 to help them buy a QB or boost a fan base, Ham. and Tor. did! Handouts and you still have the gall to criticize! Maybe you should expend your energy and problem solving abilities on your own teams' inability to draw fans to a game. Fill your stadiums, then someone might care what you think!

And LaPolice wasn't qualified? Mack's record in Winnipeg is no better then LaPolice's was, and for all Mack's claims that Lapo had lost the locker room the team responded to the firing by putting up the worst performance for a Bombers team since the 60s.

I don't think it's right for this thread to be started by an Als fan. Whether or not Joe Mack should be fired is a delicate issue for Bombers fans.

What's so delicate about it? The organization is a complete disaster right now and you still want to debate about dumping the guy in charge of the mess? Feel free to take your time and let Mack stick around for another few years if you want - - but the sooner you cut ties with the guy the sooner you can strat cleaning up from his mess.

Let's see, go to the football game...go to bridge night at Mrs Perkins house...go to the library to see the community theatre group put on a skit. Not a whole lot going on in Winnipeg, so what else do people have to do besides head down to a Bomber game?

He just got a new 3 year deal at the start of the season, better to ride out this season and probably next, the fans show up regardless of the record, unlike those pointing fingers.

Now go make fun of the 3 - 6 TiCats and all those big free agents they signed.

.....Exactly.....if anyones arse should be on the line and talked about it's Obie in the hammer...Mack has got this team to the Cup game....Obie on the other hand has had a far longer run at gm and his record speaks for itself.... Not even a sniff at a Cup appearance...failure.....I'll give Mack time to turn this club around (not as long as O'Bilovitch though) IF things don't look any better by the end of the year, I'm sure his position will be reviewed...Till then, some of you posters from other clubs, should get their torches lit for the right guy, the guy running the cats :wink:

The way the OP started this thread is antagonistic to Bomber fans and could be considered trolling. I'm not disputing your assessment of Winnipeg's org, just reminding everyone that as fans of rival teams, we can't troll in their house.

I'm pretty sure all Bomber fans know where this team stands. I don't think anyone needs to be reminded. Being told how to correct the teams' woes by fans of teams that got handed half a mil. each and are still mediocre, is like being told to get a job, from someone who's on welfare !!!

Area_51 is an Argos fan, why would he want anyone to chase Obie out of Hamilton? I'm pretty sure you'll find him chanting "10 more years" if the opportunity came up. :cowboy:

Exactly. Some of the arguments on here defy logic.

As for the Joe Mack and O'Billovich comparison, Obie's team has never quit and embarassed the league with a 52-0 disgrace. Pretty sure Obie has a few more Grey Cup rings than Mack does too.

That's from Wiki. It's Kelly's autobiography. Kelly himself sanitized the previous version in the spring/summer of 2010.

This is rich(pun intended), One welfare recipient teams' fan, defending another welfare recipient teams' GM! How magnanimous! Come back when your team doesn't need a financial injection to survive. Come back when you can get more fans in the Skydump than can fit into a Volkswagen. Don't tell us what colour to paint our house, when you live in a tar-paper shack!

GM Joe Mack's job is safe despite backlash.