[i]Usually, Johnny would defend a fellow paysan tooth and nail. Well, Johnny won't be inviting Verducci to ST-Leonard to eat lasagna at his mudda's house...

How thick do you have to be, to take the best offensive line in the CFL and COMPLETELY DESTROY IT???!!!! Oh yeah, they were a great line in pass protection and run blocking, while they had a zone blocking scheme. The best line in the CFL. Let's phhuck with that, shall we, Verducci. :roll:

How do you take an offensive line that scores, lets say, 97%, and you think that by changing everything, you will get to 98%? Not worth it, and the only way to go is DOWN! Even someone with half a brain knows that.

FIRE VERDUCCI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...Hey Johnny ... maybe Mack ain't so bad afterall...he found some pretty good d guys who busted a few balls tonight.. :lol:

[i]Papazoola, with respect, Mack still sucks!. This loss is to be blamed on our new neophyte coaching staff. Seriously, Johnny saw 2 very bad teams this game. The Als and Bombers will be scrapping it out for 4th place in the east. Neither teams fans should be bragging right now. You BLue balls Bombers had how many turnovers tonight?

Seriously, no one gets to bragg about this game. [/i]

Johnny AI,

You beat me to it. :roll:

Yeah, really. This home-and-home series was pyrrhic for both teams. Nobody gets to brag.

I wouldn't be so sure. The Bombers record with Mack at the controls is nothing to be proud of. It is a matter of time before Cauchy Muamba is exposed as he was in BC due to his size. Given the frailties of Buck Pierce, I've never understood why a capable back-up QB was never found. I've always felt that Odell Willis and Jonathan Hefney could have been traded for a pick instead of outright released. To his credit, Henoc Muamba is a keeper but one would expect that when drafting first overall. The fourth pick, Jade Etienne, has been highly disappointing. It will be interesting to see if Mack attempts to repatriate Greg Carr. Even though his stock plummeted in Saskatchewan and Edmonton, he has undeniable talent. To team him once more with Chris Matthews would be very tempting.