I hope you all agree with me that machokea should be fired immeadiatly how bad does it have to get we are going to miss the playoff again . We should also fire the offensive coach as well . Its 2nd and fifteen and were throwing 5yd passes . The team looks uninterested and confused by this system . The defense looks just as bad every team is throwing deep on us and if it isn't a penalty its a completion our Line backers can't tackle Aj Gass should have been suspended so we can get someone in there with talent. I really hate what I am seeing from this Coaching staff!!

I agree with you to an extend. I'm not sure where I'm at with Danny right now... but the Offensive and Defensive Coordinators need to be given pink slips...

I don’t think anyone on the Eskimo staff will lose their jobs until the Eskimo’s slip out of a playoff spot.

If the playoffs started today you’d be travelling to Montreal to play the East Semi Final so I think certain jobs are safe for now.

Oilerrocker: Well at least one eskimo fan has the same idea, get rid of that short fat little pumpkin Macocia. He’s just running the team into the ground like last year.
What does it take for head office to wake up and SMELL THE DAMN COFFEE!!! get rid of him. As for Gass I disagree as he is still a great asset to the team, every team has a player or two who lose’s it.
It also don’t help with alot of key player’s being injured, but wht can ya do tht’s football.
Big key is give Macocia his pink slip.
But even though we still have a bum for a coach I’ll still go for the esks.

Heck you fired flanders for winning a grey cup and you keep tiny tim here for ruining a 34 year old record.

The reason I say AJ should be traded is this. Most players who lead the CFL in tackles are Linebackers and mostly middle LB's. With our team we have a Rookie outside LB who leads the team in tackles Aj is way down the list in the standings . He has 2 bad knees is not very quick . he may be a fan favorite and people may like his explosive temper but I don't think this is Eskimo Football , We have built a reputation of being the class of the league and I think AJ brings this reputation down. Sorry. we may be able to pick up a Couple of solid LB through trades . we do have a lot of RB on the Roster that could be used for bait.

You cant blame the Defensive Coordinator, look at the Injuries he has to deal with, half our bloody D is injured. And Chapdilain is not running the explosive style Offense he likes to because his play book is largely effected by Maciocia's conservative style of coaching.

I understand we have a lot of injuries on defence... but when we keep running the same stupid plays over and over again with little to no success, come on, huh?

Time for a clean slate...

No No No, time for multi year contract extensions! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Well, my opinion hasn't changed... fire 'em all! The sooner the better! :wink:

I agree sporty as a stamp fan I love this coaching staff Edmonton has. :lol:

Fire Macocia and Campbell. Chapdelain is clearly the only guy there with any real experience. They do a terrible job of assessing talent and are way too undisciplined. Fire Macocia tomorrow and cut any other meatheads that take a stupid roughing penalty.

I do not know this offense the eskies have remind me of the Stamps in 2004 when Chapdelain was the OC. Sure under the guidance of Wally he did okay in BC but now that Wally is not looking over the shoulder he seems to be failing yet again. Yes make him HC eskie fans, :lol: :lol: :lol:

How does this guy keep getting jobs... :?

Well he had success in BC but really I do not think Wally is crying about him leaving. But in all seriousness the offense by the eskies right now remind me of the offense the Stamps had in 2004. Remember we had an unproven running back so they decided we did not need to run the ball. Does it sound familar.

I dont think our RB are that bad I think Ebell did a great job but its the stupid running plays Chapdelane tries at critical times the try to Have Ebell running up the Middle on 2nd and 3 He ain't ever going to get that he needs to use his speed and get to the outside . If they want to run inside then they need to aquire a power back that can blast through the D-line.

Nothing wrong with Ebell but the OC coach does not want to utilize him properly.

Rick Campbell needs to learn the same lesson Chris Jones has learned: you can't blitz on every down in this league anymore. The years when my Als were a blitz-happy sack machine are over. Offenses have gotten smarter, QBs are better at making the hot read and dumping off to the RB on the screen or the quick crossing route. Blitzes work with misdirection, speed, stunts, disguises, AND when they're mixed in with other schemes. Blitz all the time and you will get burned. Blitz all the time when your secondary is in shambles due to injury and you aren't going to win many ball games.

I'd say fire Campbell, except that it's possible he can learn from his mistakes and revamp this Eskimo defense next year. Jones has done it in Montreal, why can't Campbell?

Great post disciplineandpunish Firing Campbell right now would be risky but I think now is the time the worst that would happen is we miss the playoffs but that would give a new guy a real advantage for next season as he would be able to evaluate the talent we have.

I did not shed any tears when he left BC.

Yes Eskies! Keep Chapdelaine! Keep Disco Danny! 2007 Coach of the Year! :wink: