fire erdman, hire austin

Our special teams has been a joke all year. We provide only average defensive coverage when we kick, and Corey Holmes NEVER has any lanes to run through when we receive kicks. Hire Austin as special teams coach. That will shake things up in that department. Plus, Austin's brain could be picked, re: Argo secrets (player tendencies, coaching strategies of the Argo D and special teams, etc).

This move makes sense! Do it, Mr. Katz!

I agree with firing erdman,but what does Kent Austin know about SP teams

Maybe as much as Erdman?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

on kick returns how about putting d.j back with holmes, see some gadget plays. as for austin imo he dont belong here! Dmack will be a great OC, so would Flutie.

Re-NEVER has any lanes to run through when we receive kicks. If two guys are back there is less the kicker can do with positioning the ball. holmes is allways forced to the cover team, SOME TEAMS have punters that can do this, TiCats just trying to get the kick done, (no stratagy to kick game). ozzy ozzy ozzy! :slight_smile:

Absolutely fire Erdman. We can’t cover kicks and we don’t block on kick returns. It’s been this way ever since he’s been here. He’s not doing his job so get him outta here.

As for Austin, NO WAY. I don’t think he’ll know too many Argo secrets since they didn’t like his offence so they are going to change it. Plus, when Damon Allen comes back healthy he’s going to change the whole way things are done for their offence, he’s clearly miles ahead of Spergon Wynn.

Damen Allen will be the Argo playing OC with an assistant to help out....?

Maybe Doug Flutie ??

How could they fire Austin after the season they had last year ??? Its obvious that with Allens injury they are weak at that position . why blame the OC ??

A) His play calling has been terrible.

B) He has shown an inability to adapt or alter his schemes based on available personelle. When your starting QB is out but you have three strong running backs, why keep running a pass-oriented offence?

The words scape goat and fall guy both come to mind.

It was a weak, knee jerk, desperate reaction by a team that is in a tail spin for a variety of reasons. Topping the list is injuries and failure of the to brass to get suitable young backups.

A quick calculation shows that the average age of the active roster of the blue team is 30. Only 52% of the players are below the age of 30 and only 11% are 25 or younger.

It's an old team. Guys in their 30's do not heal a quickly as guys in their early to mid 20's do.

Yup all that is the OC's fault.

Pinball says they are a family . I think Pinball is looking for a family fued !!!!

I agree. Austin was as flexible as a steel I-beam. You have a bonafide NFL star RB and you don't devise a single play around his talents? What a dope. His Offence couldn't get past midfield in the last game. Given the talent at his disposal, he should been more productive and the game before that was almost as bad.

Surethe team's had injuries, but they should've been better than what they've shown so far.

The TO papers are reporting that Adam Rita with Pinball will take over the OC's duties for the rest of the year.

An Argo fan

Funny how Austin has few bad games and they fire him right away, Erdman has had a couple bad years yet he is still employed by Hamilton.

When Ron came to Hamilton, bringing Scott Fawcett with him as Special teams coordinator, Ron very quietly took over that function about half way through the year, if my old memory serves me right...

In other words, just watch the sidelines.


Rita's assuming that role makes sense. Doug Flutie is going to make a splash on ESPN's college football programming as an in-studio analyst. I think that he will wait for better timing to assume a coaching role in the future.

Oski Wee Wee,

Nooo! don't you people see a pattern here? we have Paopao from the renegades, we have kanuai from the renegades, reed came from the renegades, and now you want austin who coached for the renegades? all of our coaches came from the gades and they stink! sure we won the game last week but that was one not sold on these coaches yet and probably wont be for a couple games if we keep winning! it seems to me like some sort of plague thats affecting the cats, a evil crappy renegade coaching plague! don't do it what ever you do!