Fire Destroys Argos Training Facility

Is Rogers behind this too? :wink:

The first piece of good news is that no one was hurt. The second piece of good new is that it only caused a $1.95 worth of damage. Hopefully out of the ashes can come something descent.

Wow. What a way to start the holiday weekend. :?

Whatever it takes to get the Argos into the GC game.

Great to see no one was hurt, but that "facility" is an embarrassment and totally bush league. Hopefully, now they use this opportunity to find a proper facility.

Agreed.. They could use a much better facility. How they've gone this many years operating out of portables despite two deep pocketed owners since the Schwartz years is beyond me.

No one hurt... wonderful. Perhaps they could work something out with U of T at Varsity Centre like the Cats do with Mac at Ron Joyce Stadium.


No conspiracy my a55.Announcements for the Argo's next week:
Anthony Calvillo has asked for his release from Montreal to compete with Ricky Ray for the starting job.
Nik lewis has asked for a trade to be re-united with Cope, Argos in return send Calgary a 5th round draft pick in 2013.
Jovon Johnson skips out on the NFL, agreeing to a 1+1 with Toronto, guaranteeing him $5 a year.

What?How can anybody possibly think there's a conspiracy just because of that? :roll:

Where was Phil lind last night?

Totally agree. That "facility" is a total joke. Portables? Even some CIS teams have better facilities than that. Does absolutely nothing to add to the Argos' image in Toronto and in fact does the reverse.

On the bright side at least when the insurance check comes in they shouldn't have any problem cashing it in at any beer store or grocery store since the amount will be so puny. If the Argos had any smarts they would have burned that joke down years ago

It's sadly predictable that a few posters would seize this opportunity to make jokes and hurl insults, but it's not a joke. A lot of stuff was lost in this fire -- probably personal possessions of the coaches and maybe some of the players, not to mention team memorabilia, equipment, uniforms, game tapes, etc. This is costly on many levels: financial, competitive and personal. For members of the Argonauts family, this is not a joke. Merry Christmas to all.

well maybe this will mean a fresh start for everyone! literally...

RU serious...... it was their practice facility and it was the off season...I highly doubt there was anything in the building at all....Lighten up sourpuss....
Furthermore it wasn't even a practice facility... it was a piece of garbage.... Basicly the Argos are a bush team... They play in a bush league stadium and had a bush league practice facility.... Lets pray for a Christmas miricle and hope that the Argos somehow can get their own stadium somehow... My bets are still on the entire MLS going bankrupt and BMO becoming available... That would actually be to bad because BMO is a bush league stadium as well.... The Argos really need to build a real stadium ... How a city of 5 million people does not have a proper stadium for football,baseball,or soccer really is perplexing....Hindsight being 20/20, the day the Argos died, was the day they moved out of Varsity.

Maybe this is a positive sign.
Of the few I have seen, this by far is the worst pro team facility.

There was stuff in there. It is where the coaches work year-round. What do you think they do, move all their game tapes, equipment, weights, etc., into a storage locker for six months? Regardless of whether the facility met your self-important standards, it represents a significant loss for the team. As for all your "bush league" vitriol, I suppose I shouldn't expect any different.

"the practice facilityy just burned down. Lighten up bud"
soo so sad
the team doesnt even have a practice facility anymore seriously how could you say such things

By the sounds of things, it was just the coaches building that was destroyed. The players building is still intact, so I don't think the Argos are without a practice facility. Seeing as how they were just portable trailers, I shouldn't take long to get it back up and running. The real loss is what PW mentioned above and that is the contents of the buildings. That might be much more significant. But I hope this is a wake up call for the team. They need a facility a heck of a lot better than that. I've said before that a much better training facility is much more important to this team than a new stadium. Not just a home for the Argos but a four season football academy for the local amateur football community. That would do more to cement the Argos in Toronto's collective conscience than a new stadium.

That is a great point. Especially about the amateur football aspect of it.

What good is a training facility and academy if they have no stadium to play in.... The Argos haven't turned a profit since they moved to Skydome, and the Jays have not turned a profit since 94... It's like beating a dead horse, just by continuing to play in that monstrocity..... Explode the bloody thing already....
I couldnt even watch the game there... The seats are simply to shallow, and that is impossible to fix.I ended up standing in the concourse to watch the game... It was the only place that had a good view of the game...I'm only 5'8 and thus could not see over the people's heads that sat in front of me.... The only other possible option is to close the lower bowl and put all of the fans in the upper bowl...And that's just a non starter(You'd think that tarping off what should be your most valuable seats would be a non-starter as well though)
Start from scratch... . THERE IS NO OTHER SOLUTION.

Yeah, there's a constructive idea.

The fact that the Argos want to play in a 2000 seat highschool bleacher stadium that makes Taylor field look like Cowboys stadium qand doesn't even have a regulation sized field, should tell you everything you need know about what the Argos think about Skydome.
What other solution is there but to build the team it's own stadium... Larry Tanenbaum could very well go down in history as the guy who destroyed the Argos(and maybe the CFL) Howevewr the truth is.... That stadium is too small and a piece of crap.... The Argos need to build a stadium of their own or just avoid the inevitable and fold now...
Heck... I'd rather see the Argonauts continue as an NFL team if someone builds an NFL stadium ,then watch the team embarrase our entire country by playing in front 0f 10000 people in that embarrasement of a stadium.
I talked to some backpackers from Australia who went to an Argos game, and they were actually laughing at our entire country and what a joke it was.. I tryed to explain that they need to go to a game in the praires...but they simply could not believe what I was saying, because the experience in Toronto was such a joke..