Fire, Demote, Cut, Trade, Bench, & Execute...


This would satisfy the majority of you(has everyone gone off their meds lately?). It's all good fun reading the whinging, but I think it's coming to an "enough is enough" stage. When I lived in Hamilton I was a season ticket holder for 18 years, through good an bad, and I cannot remember such venom being spewed.

It's entertainment kids, if your an unsatisfied customer, vote with you wallet. I have always preferred to believe that a winning streak will begin the next game. (Cats by 10 over Calgary).

GO CATS! :smiley:

Pfffffft! The the complaining here is tame compared to what you'll hear at Ivor Wynne! :wink:

You are absolutley correct. Vote with your wallet or your feet. This is probably the most pathetic attempt to field a professional football team in Tiger Cat history. Charlie Taaffe and his band of idiots would have GREAT difficulty to arrange a two car parade.


Anyone remember the good ol'days ('91, '92) when we'd only get 10 or 12 000 to a game? You could buy a ticket in Sec 22 Row ZZ and movee down to a box by Second Quarter? Wait 2 minutes in line to buy a soda and a dog?
Park at 5 minutes away from the Stadium 10 minutes before Kick off?

Yep, sure was fun going to games when all the Fickles stayed away.

You're all welcome to continue to come, I'll still be there.

My pal and I are now leaving North Bay now and driving down to the Hammer to watch the game. We were going to wait till the Cats started winning but then thought we may never get down there so win or lose here we come.