Your opinion is valid but the facts on the ground are: He took a team that finished dead last in the CFL in 2016 and turned them into GC champs in his first year beating Saskatchewan and Calgary... for a total of 3 GC wins and 4 appearances in 6 seasons as a HC with two different teams. I don't see any evidence that he is a one trick pony who was figured out by the likes of Maciocia and the Dick&son brothers.


Les probabilités sont aussi grandes que Jim Popp devienne Directeur-Général des Alouettes que Marc Trestman devienne Entraîneur-Chef des Alouettes. En d'autres mots, ni l'un ou l'autre n'arrivera.


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You also called Maciocia bringing in Thorpe to replace Miles. You've been on a roll lately! :slight_smile:

Bien sûr que non, mais Trestman peut le rendre meilleur

Could also entice and revive a Bo Levi Mitchell to Montreal.

Its possible, but maybe not if his problem is injury related

Je trouve qu’il manquait ceci à la séquence de Johnny…

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