Yes, his hire isn’t even official yet, and Johnny wants him gone!

Maciocia destroyed the Eskimos. He has been out of the CFL for 8-9 years, and not a single team (before the Alouettes) offered him a job.

He is a person who blames others for his problems. He is very selfish.

Mr. Stern, it is not too late to make the right decision. Please reconsider!


Just look at this buffoon. Who wants this clown as GM?

Tu prêches à des convertis. On devrait faire des fausses cartes de presse pour pouvoir l’interroger pendant la conférence.

Malheureusement, si Kavis Reed n’a pas été congédié après la saison 2017, Maciocia ne sera pas congédié après la saison 2020 même avec une fiche de 0-18 (il jetterait Khari Jones sous l’autobus)

Bonne idée pour les cartes de presse!

C’est sûrement futile, mais Johnny espère faire assez de bruit pour faire renverser la décision, d’embaucher le clown qui danse tout croche.

Mr. Stern you are making a huge mistake. Danny Maciocia is not a good GM. Proved it in Edmonton.

Unfortunately, you probably game this fake GM a three to four year high paid contract. You will regret it.

I hope, Mr. Stern, that some of your employees read this forum and tell you how must of us feel. You gave us hope on Monday when it was announced that you have purchased the Team; unfortunately, the week ends on sad/bar news.

He will take all credit and throw Khari Jones under the bus if victories are not “au rendez-vous”. May even want to replace him.


Watch Chef Boyardee trade a starting DB or Receiver to Hervey for Foucault. That will just get the ball rolling.

Well said, he’s not on Social media, so no way of reaching him. F…!

Wouldn’t be funny if these Maciocia rumours we’re completely false and they ending up hiring someone completely out of left field. 8)

Much like Monday’s ownership announcement

Funny in a completely wonderful & terrific sort of way.

Ditto for us here in Argo land who think Maciocia was a horrible HC, despite winning a GC.
Is it possible, just maybe he has learned his lesson is more humble, has a better appreciation for the league, its fans and equally important has learned to properly evaluate talent?

Dunno if he developped his scouting skills and his contacts within Canada and the US when he was at UdeM for 10 years, but in 2016 he ordered a press conference just to say that he was offered to be the team’s president, and that he refused. I don’t think his attitude has changed.

No, if anything he believes he’s greater than he already was.

LOL at “Chef Boyardee”, it’s perfect!

But yeah, he’s going to gut the team for overpriced / washed-up veterans, because he has no judgment, can’t scout, and has zero contacts.

Unless Khari and Eric have veto power on his moves it’s going to be a rough few years with Chef at the helm.


Folks, my advice for posts like this is: don’t quote it or engage with it, just report it to the moderators.

We may not like the choice, but I think that DM, like most situations in life, deserves a second chance. I think that we should refrain from bashing the guy before he has had a chance to make his first transaction.
If he screws up, then by all means, bash away! But until then, give him a break.


It is totally sad but that seems to be the attitude of many at this forum. I totally understand your frustration.

Thank you