FIRE Daley

Well I have a big problem with the Bombers call selection, I mean when you run the ball on every first down eventually teams will figure out your plan and start hitting Roberts in the back field. Roberts is the best running back in the league you just have to give him a chance, mix it up maybe throw on first down a few times and let him run other times. Daley I am convinced that you don't like to win, your call selections baffle me.

A question - Who calls the offensive plays for the Bombers? Daley or the offensive coordinator?

Probably Mike Gibson.

But who is up in the booth. He is supposed to be watching what the other teams defence is doing and sending down this information to the field. There doent seem to be any worthwhile info coming down or if it is its not being utilized.

Then based on your concerns, you probably want Mike Gibson (the offensive coordinator) fired, and not Jim Daley.

there definitely is a lack of variation in the Bomber play-book....although I have noticed the play selection is pretty predictable only when Glenn or Tee is at the's how it goes....Roberts run...(till the other team starts stuffing it).....pass to Stegal next ......MAYBE a look down field to another reciever after that....then immediately back to Roberts....pretty much how it goes.... sequence of plays seem to stay the same ...opposition catches on,, after a couple of sets of downs and then just sits and waits..licking their chops.....we have to make other teams start guessing what we're going to do next...and I believe a QB. like Michna provides that ...and he also executes better than our other QB.S... from what we have seen of him so far....he could make all the difference with this team..... :arrow:

Gotta agree papaz, Michna really looks like he can think on his feet and makes things happen. We all knew based on preseason that this kid had something our other qbs didnt and he showed us a glimpse of that in the 4th against Calgary. He is a natural back there.

If Kevin Glenn can't go and they start Tee over Russ then Daley should be fired for being incompenant. Russ is a better quaterback than Tee. Tee time is way over. Cut Tee and make room for Wynn on the depth chart. :twisted:

If only Jimbo would understand...Let's hope Russ starts come Saturday..but if Glenn gets better, well then go with him. I still think it should be Kevin Glenn, the starter for us if he wasn't always hurt.. Michna behind him..and I guess Wynn last. Why should we even keep Martin? Daley...

Read today that Wynn has the wonky knee now, whats next West Nile.

lol...locustes and pestilense....